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Jenelle Evans posing at an event

Speculation Around Janelle Evans Return To Teen Mom 2 Is Heating Up But Do We Even Want Her Back?

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By Ona L

In the Spring, Jenelle Evans shocked fans when she announced on her Instagram that her husband David Eason shot and killed her beloved dog, Nugget. The "Teen Mom" star took to Instagram to write an emotional post about losing her best friend and “sidekick”. At the time, she did not reveal how her dog passed so fans, of course, sympathized with her. A few days later she revealed that Eason actually took her dog to the woods and shot him supposedly for snipping at their daughter Ensley Jolie.

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Jenelle and David at the MTV awards
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Fans were disgusted that Evans could continue to be with a man who would shoot a dog for something so minor. Especially the way that he went about. The couple appeared together on People Magazine’s online channel to explain what really went down. Unfortunately, for the couple, no matter what they said it was going to be unbelievable. The couple has been full of drama since they got together and let’s not forget that all of Jenelle’s past relationships have been very dramatic and abusive in one sense or the other.

Janelle with David and their Kids

Fast forward to October and Jenelle has finally seen the light. She filed for divorce from her estranged husband and went into immediate protection mode. She moved, she got a restraining order and she even took Ensley with her (we know she has a penchant for leaving her kids behind). The newly single mom released an Instagram press release where she said “With time away from Teen Mom I’ve started to look at my life differently and I know I need to make changes. I’m starting that now. The kids and I have moved away from David.” Thank God. She has seen the light.


However, now Jenelle is insinuating that she has been invited back to the show that has put her on blast for the last 10 years. Fans are hoping this isn’t true. When was the last time that the fans of the show have truly enjoyed anything Jenelle related? When it was announced that she was fired from the show because of her husband’s antic viewers loudly rejoiced. Her October 31 Instagram post was very cryptic, and it was accompanied by a picture of her holding a Ziplock bag with two video cards in it. Is it really the best idea to bring Jenelle back?

Jenelle Evans at a Cosmopolitan Magazine event
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Since day one Jenelle has been problematic and making all the wrong decisions. It appears she hasn’t learned anything, she continues to make bad decisions and fans are fed up. They have better cast members to focus on. In the past Jenelle has had multiple relationships that were detrimental to herself and her children. She has had a substance abuse issue (some speculate she still does). Jenelle’s relationship with her mom is beyond rocky and she has even gotten into physical fights on camera. The producers have given her chance after chance. So, when they canned her, it was kind of like a decision made from up above.


Now that Jenelle has put the idea of her possibly returning back to Teen Mom 2 out there, fans are concerned and not really accepting of it. Jenelle has tried to ensure fans that she is making the necessary changes to ensure a better life for her kids and herself. They have heard that one time too many and it no longer leaves the impression that it used it. It sounds like to us, fans don’t want or need Jenelle back. She has already been replaced by Jade Cline from Teen Mom spinoff Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant. A very appropriate replacement for Evans. Jenelle should really take this time to truly improve some aspects of her life including forming a better relationship with her mom. In return, she may be better at picking life partners and making better life decisions for herself and her kids. What do you say? Are you willing to accept a possible return from Jenelle? Do you think the messy Teen Mom Alum can redeem herself?

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