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Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright smile at the camera with Brittany showing off her ring

Is Brittany Cartwright from 'Vanderpump Rules' Pregnant?

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By Natalie Hunter

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor will spend their first season on 'Vanderpump Rules' as a [married couple.] ( They join the likes of Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney who featured a ceremony on their show in 2016. While Katie and Tom haven't started their family yet, many people suspect that Brittany has.

Rumors are floating around that Brittany is pregnant. And it's not completely illogical. She has always stressed on the show how important family is to her and how she's excited to start her own.

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However, Brittany confirmed with Hollywood Life that she isn't actually pregnant yet even though that will be a part of their future.

"I feel like I always say this answer, but it’s almost, it’s like the sense of family that I know that we’re together, and that we’re going to try for a family eventually, and that we’re starting something, it’s really cool," Cartwright told Hollywood Life.

While she hopes to get pregnant in 2020, she reminds fans, "I’m not pregnant yet, I’ll say it again."

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"Oh man, so you diet, you diet, you diet, you diet for a wedding, you lose a bunch of weight, you’re so stressed, you’re so excited, you can’t wait, and you’re working out so hard. And then after the wedding you might gain some, and then all of a sudden you’re pregnant. Which I know people are stoked, super excited for if we do become pregnant. I am too. But sometimes you just gain weight," Brittany said to the outlet theorizing where the pregnancy rumors came from.


Brittany and Jax haven't had the smoothest sailing on their relationship. One the show, Jax was accused of cheating when one of the Sur servers Faith Stowers. After Jax admitted that the allegations were true, they were almost done for good.

Jax managed to win Brittany back over in the end though. Hopefully, the hardships have made them stronger and it'll all be smooth sailing from here.

Brittany explains that she was on a strict diet leading up to the wedding and she's started to gain some of the weight back.

Brittany Cartwright poses in a blue cocktail dress with her left hand on her hip.
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“I just try to be like, ‘Okay, that’s an unflattering photo. I know I can get my angles right and I’ll be okay.’ I just have to think of it like that," She continued.

She admits that the rumors have taken a toll on her self esteem, but understands that the rumors have no malintent. "I know people are excited. It can hurt your feelings, of course, if you’re feeling down on yourself, but I always try to stay as positive as I can," Cartwright added.

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