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The Royal Rule of Four: Does Kate Middleton Feel Obligated to Have a Fourth Child

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By Zachary Holt

Growing up as a child in a royal family can certainly be tough, as they essentially live in a microcosm, sheltered from the interactions that normal children receive. As a result, royal families tend to have more children than others so that they have other siblings to grow up with. Currently, Prince William and Kate Middleton have three, so is she pressured or feeling obligated to have a fourth? There seems to be some evidence of this, especially because it's already rumored that she's pregnant with their latest child.

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Spacing Them Out

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The three current children that the royal couple has include Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Each of their children is separated by about two to three years. It is reasoned that waiting to have additional children is safest after 24 to 36 months, so the couple's plan would align with that recommendation. According to royal experts, they believe that the timing is perfect for their fourth child. Royal author, Katharine Graves shared her thoughts stating, "Two years between George and Charlotte and three years between Charlotte and Louis. On that basis, we could expect a fourth little Cambridge to be on the way fairly soon." But wouldn't having another child just put the burden on their latest addition? The science says no.

The More, The Better

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Through having to undergo private education and the overall seclusion that comes with being a child growing up in the royal family, there are limited opportunities for the children to interact with others their age, or close to it. The more children that are within particular age proximity, the better it is for the development of those children. "When you live in a goldfish bowl as the royal children do, it must be thoroughly healthy to have siblings to grow up with," Graves shared, shedding light on the social science aspects of child development.

It The Duchess Aware of This Unspoken Rule?

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Is it possible that the Duchess of Cambridge is aware of such issues with her children growing up in the royal family? Perhaps. We won't know for sure until Middleton or the royal family makes a formal announcement of her pregnancy, which has yet to be seen. This, however, leads to an even bigger question. Is Middleton even pregnant to begin with? Royal fans believe so and they're noticing subtle hints that this might be the case. Specifically, she stayed home during Prince William's latest trip to the Middle East where he met with national leaders. Does this mean she's pregnant, though?

Indications of Middleton's Pregnancy

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The one smoking gun in this situation is that shortly before the scheduled trip to the Middle East, a travel warning was released that malaria was at high-risk levels in the region. Pregnant women are very susceptible to getting malaria, which is why the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns against pregnant women traveling. While we can't definitively say this is the reason or that the Duchess is pregnant at all, it is something to watch for. Regarding the couple's plans for Christmas, they intend on spending it with Queen Elizabeth in Sandringham.

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