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Trisha Yearwood Is Amazed By The Success Of Her New Song, 'Every Girl In This Town'

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By Clark Sparky

Trisha Yearwood released a new album this year, Every Girl, and even she is shocked by how well the record has performed. The single from the album, "Every Girl in this Town" has nearly hit the top 25 of the Billboard charts. It's her biggest hit in a decade.

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The 55-year-old country star spoke to ABC Radio about the success of the track.

"I had no expectation of what was gonna happen with it," she told the outlet, "And would we even have a single at radio? Because I'm a woman and I'm 55 and I really just didn't know what to expect."

"So I think it's made it such a wonderful kind of icing on the cake to see the success, and see women and girls relating to it," she continued. "Because it just tells us it's okay to be however you are, whatever that looks like. And we need to hear that message."

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Yearwood recently talked to about the new album, her first in 12 years.

"There was a freedom in making this record," Yearwood told "I think we talked before about not feeling any pressure. A lot of that, you put pressure on yourself as an artist. Like, 'Okay, I want to get played on the radio,' or, 'I want to sell records,' or, 'I want to make sure that this is successful.' I didn't feel any of that pressure and I don't know if it's because I've been doing this for 28 years. I just didn't have an expectation of what those things would be, but I knew that I loved the music."

She continued:

"That's really what you're supposed to do as an artist," she continued. "You're supposed to find songs that move you and then let the rest of it take care of itself. I think I'm the most settled. I'm a Virgo so I'm kind of controlling, and I always tend to want to change things after the fact, but I wouldn't change a note on this record and I love the songs, so I'm happy that it's now out in the world for everybody else to decide what they think about it."

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