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What are the Chances of a Royal Family Members Appearing on The Crown?

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By Joe Allen

Now in its third season, Netflix's "The Crown" has proven itself to be one of the standout drama series on the service. The show, which follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth from its inception through to the present, is a fascinating look at how the monarchy works, and at its immense history.

Naturally, fans of "The Crown" also have an interest in the real royal family, and in what they think of the show. Have they ever watched it? Do they condone its depiction of the monarchy?

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The show's been on for three years now, and the royal family has, for the most part, stayed totally silent as to how each member feels about the show. Of course, it's possible that they just aren't watching, but they must be aware of its existence.

Recent reporting actually suggests that The Queen watched the entire first season of the show, and according to The Telegraph, she very much enjoyed it. She may think everything is a bit dramatic, but that's what TV is for.

Queen Elizabeth II
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Given the Queen's position on the show, it's worth considering whether any members of the royal family might turn up in cameos on the show. Meghan Markle would be particularly fun, given that she was an actress before she became a member of the royal family. She could even play herself.

It's not common for royalty to involve themselves in acting projects, but it's also not unheard of. Prince William and Prince Harry both had cameos on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."


Of course, in that instance, neither one of them had to show their faces, as they played stormtroopers. What's more, being in a series that's about their actual lives may feel a little more real than being in a movie about intergalactic struggle.

Even so, it would be great to see members of the royal family pop up on the show. It would serve as a reminder that the events we see on "The Crown" are all based in some sort of history.


At the moment, we don't know for sure whether any members of the family will ever appear on the show. There is a definite risk involved in an appearance. It could be seen as an endorsement of the show's depiction of their lives.

"The Crown" may be based in history, but creator Peter Morgan has taken plenty of liberties based on his own speculation about what happened. No one knows every detail of the royal family's lives the way this show depicts.

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