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'Alaskan Bush People' Recap: Ostriches, Bears & Windmills, Oh My!

Discovery Channel
By Gary Trock

The stars on "Alaskan Bush People" are keeping busy with all sorts of new additions to their growing homestead, but have also had to battle some unwanted guests.

Tonight's episode of "Alaskan Bush People" kicked off with the Brown family receiving a delivery of ostriches. Billy got the idea to invest in 1 male and 2 female ostriches in hopes of collecting around 50-60 valuable ostrich eggs by the spring.

"I wanted Ostriches for the simple reason -- they're gonna make money before the cows and horses do! From their eggs to their oils, to feathers to everything about them ... there is no downside to an ostrich," the patriarch of the Brown family explained.

Noah's Castle


Meanwhile, Noah Brown is working on raising his new baby, Eli, with wife Rhain Alisha. Noah has planned on building castle up on the mountain where the family is putting together their ranch, but he hasn't been able to secure the permits for the structure. In the meantime, he's been living in a military-style tent on his allotted acreage on the Brown homestead while Eli and Rhain live down the mountain in town.

Unfortunately, while Noah was down the mountain with his family, a bear got into his tent and tore the place up. He's worried the animal may return so he hatches a plan to reinforce the living quarters.

Noah admits, "it's just not safe enough." He enlists the help of his brother, Bear Brown, to fortify his tent. However, the two disagree on the measures needed to be taken, with Noah wanting to resort to lethal measures to protect his family, while Bear thinks it's very important to not injure any bears.

The Windmill

Bam Bam and Birdy are joining forces to get the windmill back assembled on the family mountain after. The plan is to use the wimndmill to pump water from a well and provide enough usable water for the entire homestead.

Bam Bam is immediately upset that nobody took the time to label the pieces during disassembly so now it's too hard to put back together again.

"It's pretty typical for Bam to be uptight while working on a project, Birdy says." She continues, "He's always been the guy that likes things to be done his way... He's always the guy that keeps us all safe."

She admits that "building this ranch is definitely the hardest thing we've ever done. we have to work together to accomplish things."

Eventually, the rest of the family joins to help with the windmill, as it is the most important task on the ranch to get water flowing down the mountain. Bear and Birdy are able to get the frame set up, but the hard part is hoisting up the windmill's motor to the top. After a close call, they're able to work together and finally complete the windmill. Water is imminent!

Gabe's Wedding Prep


Parents Billy and Ami are seen reminiscing as they prepare for the wedding of their son Gabe to his fiancee Raquell. Billy admits Gabe never had a lot of girlfriends, so he knew Raquell was something special when she caught his son's attention.

Ami gets emotional and explains that "Knowing our child is going to go through such an important step in life ... it's joy and happiness."

They hope that Gabe and Raquell's nuptials are the first of many to go down on the family ranch.

New episodes of "Alaskan Bush People" air Wednesday at 8 PM on Discovery.

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