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'Man vs Bear' Will Honey Bump Get Beat by a Guy Named Brad?

Discovery Channel
By Gary Trock

"Man vs. Bear" is the ultimate survival show, pitting contestants against Grizzly bears in challenges of strength and speed. In a special sneak peek of this week's episode, one of the star Grizzlies is shown taking on a contestant named Brad who thinks he can best the bear in her own domain.

The Grizzly taking on the man is Honey Bump, a 19-year-old bear weighing in at 600 lbs and clocking in running speeds of 35 MPH ... no big deal.

The man is Brad, who is an experienced "death racer" and obstacle runner. "This is my wheelhouse," Brad confidently tells the camera. He's aiming at being the first human to ring the bell at the death-defying grizzly heights.

Brad Is Determined

Discovery Channel

Wildlife expert Casey Anderson tells co-host Brandon Tierney that Honey Bump may have some extra motivation for the race against Brad, as her older brother Bart, was "stealing her food" during the week. "Honey Bump may have a point to prove today," he explains.

"Brad's got a lot on the line here," Tierney explains, adding, "He desperately wants to be the first human to ring that bell." The host is referring to the bell atop the tree of Grizzly Heights, an obstacle course that pits "Man vs. Bear."

What is Grizzly Heights?

Discovery Channel

"Man vs. Bear" gives each of the three Grizzlies a specialty, and Honey Bear's is racing and chasing. Grizzly Heights is her specialty course and takes advantage of that natural instinct of the bear by making the human become the threat as they traverse an obstacle course and try and climb a tree to ring a bell. During the run, Honey Bump will be in hot pursuit ... giving the contestant extra incentive to ring the bell before time expires.

Meet Honey Bump

Discovery Channel

Honey Bump is 19 years old and is the sister of Bart, another bear featured on "Man vs. Bear." She was rescued after their mother was shot by a poacher. The Seus family, who took in all the bears, named her Honey Bump because she apparently ran everywhere and bumped into just about everything.

The Alaskan Brown Bear stands over 6 feet tall and weighs in at nearly 600 pounds. Honey Bump is described as "pure poetry in motion" and enjoys ballet, gymnastics and "terrorizing her brother."

Discovery says, "Now thriving on Bear Mountain, Honey Bump brings a level of ferocity and predatory instinct her male counterparts cannot match. Fueled by protective instincts, Honey Bump displays her uncanny speed on Grizzly Heights. Her pursuit of humans fuels their run through the Grizzly Heights obstacle course and up a 42-foot tree. Look for her narrow shoulders and low center of gravity as she sends the humans into a frenzied panic."

"Man Vs. Bear" airs Wednesdays at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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