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The Duchess is seen wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt with a bow at the top, with black skirt to mach

Buckingham Palace Gives A Stern Warning To Meghan Markle's Pal

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By Favour

Sad! No more free advertisement for Jennifer Meyer.

When it comes to royals or those who are married into the royal household, there is a lot of restrictions that you are exposed to. From her outfit to the way she trains her child, Meghan Markle has a set of rules that she has to abide by as a result of her marriage to Prince Harry. You may call it touche, but the royal family is keen about their rules and they would not tolerate anyone misrepresenting them.

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The Duchess is seen in a wine color long-sleeve with matching high-waist skirt
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In the olden days, the royal family were seen as the highest standard in Britain because they followed a strict pattern of lifestyle. However, as things improved in the world, these rules that were seen as absurd were reduced, and some were trampled on intentionally. Although the modern age is here and people are becoming more exposed in the world, there are still some things that are not acceptable by the royal family and one of them is unnecessary publicity. The royal house is subject enough to public and media topics, that they do not want to add to the list of the things tabloids have to say about them

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Recently, the palace sent a warning to a jewelry designer known as Jennifer Meyer who is also a good friend of the Duchess. According to reports, Meyers is fond of using the Duchess' photos where she is putting on her jewelry on her website. This has no doubt attracted a lot of people to her website as anyone will want to be shopping from the same place that Meghan Markle gets her jewelry from. It was also said that the 42-year-old designer shared pictures of the Duchess on social media platforms to advertise her work.

The Duchess is seen taking a stroll in a black dress with Prince Harry who is in a casual black T-shirt and pant to match
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It id not take long for this news to get to the palace and Meyers was visited with a stern warning. According to Buckingham palace officials, the Duchess is not for sale and her face should not be used to sell anything on social media. They also went as far as ordering her to take down every picture of the Duchess on her website and social media platforms with immediate effect. A spokesman from the palace revealed that the jewelry designer was breaching a non-disclosure agreement with the pictures she was sharing online.

The Duchess of Sussex is seen holding a microphone, putting on a black jacket and a Christmas hat
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Meghan Markle is not only a big fan of the jewelry designs that Jennifer Meyer, they are also good friends. The Duchess has on several occasions sported designs from Meyer's store and she always looked radiant. Talking about how she felt about the palace officials ordering her to take down the Duchess' pictures, Meyers revealed that he loved the way Markle styled her jewelry. She also said that she always got excited whenever she sees the Duchess as she is filled with so much energy.

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