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Chad Johnson Reminisces On The Event That Wrecked His Marriage To Evelyn Lozada

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If anyone knows Evelyn Lozada, you would know that she has been affiliated with several men who are into professional sports. Aside from being a reality television star, she has had her fair share of dramas in the industry and recently, it has gotten worse. The television star who recently ended her engagement to Carl Crawford, a former MLB star, was once married to Chad Johnson. She was also in a long-term relationship with a known MBA player, Antonie Walker, but their relationship ended after a decade.

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Lozada's relationship with Chad Johnson was one of the most popular ones two months ago. This is because their love story was chronicled on a show titled "Basketball Wives." The couple went on to make plans for a personal show called "Ev & Ocho," however, it was never aired for several reasons. One of the notable reasons that fans could come up with was the fact that before they could realize this plan, they became a separated couple. Another reason was the reports of domestic violence between the couple.

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Recently, Johnson reminisced on the reasons why his marriage to Lozada ended barely two months in. From the beginning, anyone who knew this couple would say that they were spicy and fiery in every way. Unlike other couples, they were hard fighters who believed in the love they had for each other. The couple met in early 2009 and had not dated for up to a year when they decided to take things a step forward by getting engaged in 2010.

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Their relationship was set to be a milestone in the television reality show industry, but things became intense between the couple, followed by a lot of incidents that could not be looked past. Hence, they decided to end their marriage after two months. Lozada found a receipt for purchased protection otherwise known as condoms in her husband's car and confronted him about it. Threatening to end the marriage, Johnson lost his patience and ambushed Lozada. This left her with a lacerated forehead which was later stitched at an emergency room.

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The police were notified of this event and Johnson was picked up for domestic battery. However, he was released after a while, but Lozada went ahead and filed for a divorce three days after the incident. According to Chad Johnson, since his separation from his ex-wife, he has taken some steps back to work on himself, stay positive and achieve growth. Although he did not make it to jail, he was put on one-year probation by the court. Furthermore, this incident also marked the last time Johnson would appear in the NFL season.

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