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Dennis Quaid is putting on a black suit with white inner shirt and denim pants to match

Dennis Quaid Has Something To Say To Trolls About His Fiancee! What Could That Be?

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Dennis William Quaid was born on April 9, 1954, and is a known American actor and comic character on television. He came to the limelight in the early 80s, when he starred in movies like; "The Right Stuff," "The Big Easy," and "Innerspace." Fans were thrilled that a natural talent had joined the industry and they were always looking forward to his movies no doubt. Quaid was born in Houston, Texas, U.S.A to a real estate agent and an electrician as his parents.

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Dennis Quaid is seen with a huge smile on his face and he is putting on a black coat with a white inner shirt
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He was a student of an Elementary School in Bellaire, owned by Paul W. Horn. Later on, he attended Pershing Middle School located in Texas. His College years found him within the walls of the University of Houston where he was coached in drama by Cecil Pickett. As time went on in the University, Quaid could no longer cope with school activities and the urge to pursue a movie career, so he dropped out and relocated to Hollywood in search of greener pastures.

The actor, Dennis Quaid is staring at the camera, wearing a white inner sleeve and black leather jacket to match
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Quaid was loved by a lot of movie producers from the 80s because aside from being a raw talent, he was gifted with comic ideas and behaviors, which made him a special person in the industry. However, at the peak of his career in the 90s, Quaid began to lose balance when he combated anorexia nervosa. This problem happened when she deliberately lost weight for a movie role. However, he picked up the paces of his career and began to work on the right path again. One of his most recent works is in a movie titled "Midway."


Moving on, Quaid is a handsome man, so it is only natural that he is very appealing to the ladies when he wants to. To date, the actor has only been married thrice and has three children in total, two of which are fraternal twins. In June 2019, it was revealed that 65-year-old Quaid was entangled in a love web with a 26-year-old Ph. D. student known as Laura Savoie. four-month later, the couple revealed that they had gotten engaged and plans for a wedding were coming up. While this may have been good news to some fans, other trolls were not having it.

Dennis Quaid with a dazzling smile on his face, is putting on a green designers shirt with a long neck piece
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Savvy trolls were quick to come up with memes about the actor and his fiancee and this hit the nail on the head. Speaking to The Guardian, Quaid said he does not think that he had ever had a good laugh till he saw the memes. He said that he knows that he has been married three times already, but his relationship with Savoie is different and he feels it is for the better.

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