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Kendall Jenner Reveals Who Is The Worst & Best Parent In Her Family

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Kendall Jenner is the only female in her house who does not have a baby yet, so a ranking coming from her will be free of bias elements. The model and television personality shocked everyone recently when she ranked her siblings when it came to who was a better parent and who was not. It is true that parents often try their best for their kids, but sometimes, they make mistakes. Other times, some parents ignore the things that their kids do and leave them to become spoiled.

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Over the years now, we have seen Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Rob and Kylie share wonderful pictures of their kids on social media. One would even say that they have done great jobs raising their kids in the finest way. However, no one can really tell who is a better parent among all these people except someone from the inside. Luckily for fans, Kendall has been able to come up with a detailed report as to who does the parent job better than the other. Of course, we will have to leave out mommy bear, Kris Jenner, because she has done a good job raising these beautiful women and man.

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Christmas may be taking a new turn for the Kardashian/Jenner household as things are heating up fast. Adding to Kim and Khloe fighting with Kourtney, Kendall has raised the stakes with a parent ranking on national television.

Kendall met with her rumored ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles on "The Late Night Show," and the duo decided to play a game called "Spill Your Guts of Fill Your Guts." While on the show, one of the questions that Kendall had to respond to was; who was a better parent among her sisters and who was the worst?

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Kendall was not really intrigued by the question, but she went ahead and answered anyway. Before ranking, she commended all her sisters, saying that they were all amazing people with the work that they do. The first person on her list who ranked number one as a good parent was Rob Kardashian. The 32-year-old shares a 3-year-old daughter with his ex, Blac Chyna and while they have disagreed on many things, they always come to a common ground when it comes to their daughter.

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Kendall refrained from going further, but Styles told her that she would have to drink her eggnog if she could not spill her guts. To keep that from happening, Kendall finally gave in and ranked her remaining sisters from best to worst. The first person was Khloe, Kim, Kylie and finally Kourtney. This listed the eldest of the family, who has three beautiful children as the worst parent and that is shocking. The sisters did not react to this ranking in any way, but Kourtney has decided to leave her family show; "KUWTK" to focus on her kids.

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