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Wendy Williams is seen putting on a purple suit-jacket with pants to match

Wendy Williams Calls Out Lizzo For Her Outfit To Lakers Game

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Wendy Williams is not someone you want as a non-fan as she is not scared to let out her thoughts about anyone and anything. The American television presenter has built a name and career for herself and many fans respect and adore her. She runs a show titled "The Wendy Williams Show," where she talks about trending topics in the society and her views about them. She also invites superstars to come on the show and share their opinions about trending topics too.

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Some may say that Williams is blunt and carefree with her words, but die-hard fans will tell you that she is a realistic person who says things the way they are. Recently, Williams showed categorically that she is not a fan of Lizzo's outfit which the singer had on to the Lakers games. During a rant on her show, the television presenter expressed how she felt about the outfit and one word she used to describe it was 'wrong.' She also went on to say that the singer should have known that it was not the time and place o put on such an outfit.

Wendy Williams has on a colored blouse with flowering prints and is trying to sing a song
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Lizzo had on an outfit that put her thong on display and a video of her walking into the game premises made it to the internet in no time. While the video was going on, the singer insisted that the outfit she had on was the way to turn up to a Lakers game.

Wendy Williams on her show, mentioned that the security details at the game should have questioned Lizzo about her outfit and even stopped her from entering the premises.

Wendy Williams at the SiriusXM in a black shirt and black pants to match
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Aside from Williams, other notable stars in the industry shared their disbelief and thoughts on Lizzo's outfit to the game. According to Williams, the Lakers game that held in Los Angeles on December 10, is a family-friendly event that most people went to, to cheer for their teams. She went on to say that Lizzo's career was at the peak now and she could understand the excitement that came with it, but showing off her butt at a public event was not the way to go about it.

Wendy Williams has on a brown leather jacket with a brown inner wear and pants to match
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Williams said that she admired the singer's bravery to put on such an outfit, but that did not take away the fact that it was a wrong thing to do. She also suggested that the thong outfit would have been more appropriate for a Lizzo show or a strip club.

While Williams aired out her thoughts on the singer's decision to wear a revealing outfit to an NBA game, Lizzo sent a reply to those who talked about the outfit.

"Never let somebody stop you or shame you from being yourself," she said.

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