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The 'Real Reasons' Snooki Walked Away from Jersey Shore

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By Zachary Holt

It's a sad day for fans of the hit MTV television show, The Jersey Shore, as one of the OG castmembers, Snooki, has called it quits and is walking away from the show for good. It's true that all good things must come to an end, but this move by Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, seems a bit premature and without a doubt, abrupt. What were the reasons for her impromptu exit? And is there more to the story that we're not being told? Polizzi opened up about what made finally pull the plug on the show.

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Going in the Wrong Direction

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It can be inferred that there was a long list of reasons that ultimately led to Snooki's exit from the hit show, but a source close to the situation spoke with HollywoodLife! about why they perceived she decided to call it quits. "Nicole felt the show was heading in a direction that she wasn’t happy with so she left the show… She did not like how everything played out after Angelina [Pivarnick’s] wedding and feels she’s being painted unfairly," the source shared.

The incident that the source is referring to centered around the bridesmaid speeches that Polizzi, Jenny 'JWoww' Farley, and Deanna 'Nicole' Cortese delivered at Angelina's wedding. According to those present at the wedding, the speeches essentially mocked Angelina to the point that she was visibly upset. Currently, she still hasn't forgiven the castmates and is even vying to have a second, makeup ceremony.

If at First, You Don't Succeed...

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In speaking with HollywoodLife!, the source explained, "Angelina hasn’t forgiven JWoww, Snooki or Deena for their bridesmaids speech and really has no plans to. It hurt her and her entire family that badly and it seems things are a bit beyond repair at least for now. They aren’t even really good friends to begin with. It’s pretty safe to say Angelina’s co-stars will not be invited to the second wedding." From such a telling statement, it appears that the dynamics for the show have permanently been derailed, leading to a prime opportunity to exit the show. But is there anything else at play here?

Business and The Family


While avoiding the drama that would have surely continued on into the season is a good enough reason to call it quits, Polizzi also cited other aspects that seem to have been in the works for quite some time. Specifically, Polizzi isn't the uber young, wild partier that she used to be. She's married and has three children now. She also owns her own clothing and jewelry line that opened up a physical location in New Jersey called The Snooki Shop. She's decided to focus on her family and her growing business. Additionally, she's claiming that her family is beginning to receive death threats, making her exit all the much easier.

Snooki and The Future of Jersey Shore


It is certainly the end of a television era with the departure of Polizzi from the Jersey Shore, but it doesn't seem likely that she'll stay out of the limelight for good, moving forward. After all, it's expected that there will be additional Jersey Shore reunion episodes at some point in the future and will those be fun to watch or what! Hopefully, by that time Pivarnick and the group of bridesmaids will have squashed their beef and everyone will be on good terms.

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