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Kate Middleton in full royal dress

Here's Why Kate Middleton Doesn't Get to Wear a Tiara Often

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By Joe Allen

When you're a member of the royal family, scrutiny comes with the deal. As one of the most glamorous and high-profile members of the royal family, Kate Middleton gets more scrutiny than most.

Given the line of succession, Middleton is also in line to be the queen alongside Prince William as king at some point in the future. As a result, fans of the royal family pay special attention when she decides to wear one of her several tiaras for a public appearance.

Kate Middleton in a tiara.
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While the duchess certainly looks good in a tiara, she doesn't wear them all that often. In fact, she's only worn a tiara a handful of times since she married Prince William. The first time she wore one was on her wedding day in April of 2011. On that occasion, she wore a diamond tiara known as the Cartiet Halo Scroll, which is a personal possession of the Queen and was loaned to Middleton for the occasion. She hasn't worn that one since.


In the years since, Middleton has been seen in the Lotus Flower tiara, which used to be owned by Princess Margaret, and the Cambridge Lover's knot tiara, which Princess Diana used to wear.

On the occasions when she does choose to wear a tiara, Middleton seems to favor the Cambridge Lover's Knot, which she has worn on four occasions, including when President Donald Trump visited Buckingham Palace. Middleton may favor that tiara because it was Diana's favorite while she was alive.

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In terms of which events Middleton chooses to don a tiara for, there don't seem to be any set rules. That might seem rather odd for the royal family, which is typically seen as stringent and bound by custom and tradition.

Usually, though, the duchess chooses to wear a tiara for important diplomatic visits or incredibly formal royal dinners where the rest of the royal family will also be in attendance. State banquets, for example, are events where Middleton usually dons a tiara.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle
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Of course, when the day comes for William to ascend to the throne, we may see his wife step out in more tiaras than she does today. Right now, it's best to think of her as practicing for the time she'll spend as queen.

Hopefully, that day won't come soon, but when it does, Middleton will have to be ready for it. A huge part of that readiness is knowing how to hold your head with a tiara on it. It's safe to say she's got that part down.

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