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Lisa Rinna poses and smiles in a one-shouldered dress

Lisa Rinna's Wild Pussycat Dolls Dancing Makes Instagram's Day

Gettyimages | E! Entertainment
By Rebecca Cukier

Lisa Rinna's epic dance moves are back on the 'Gram. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is basically Instagram's unofficial jam-out queen, with a new video of the 56-year-old proving that she's maintaining her status.

Yesterday, Lisa updated her Instagram with yet another wild dance session. The mother of two rocked her trademark skimpy wardrobe to bounce around to The Pussycat Dolls – given that the former girl band has announced a 2020 tour reunion, it looks like Lisa keeps up with all the latest trends.

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Teeny Tiny Shorts, Thrusting Hips, And That Slamming Body

Giphy | Slice

Lisa just has one of those bodies. At 56 years old, the reality star is a muscle machine, with Sunday's video showing Lisa's physique off thanks to a teeny tiny pair of shorts. And yes, there was plenty of hip-thrusting.

Lisa's jam-out videos tend to come with the same format. Lisa will invariably be in her home, the camera will be a home-set one, and the wardrobe will be minimal. This year has already seen Lisa deliver a Billie Eilish dance in a bikini and a cowboy hat, although that didn't go down too well as fans proved a touch embarrassed on Lisa's behalf.

There was also that Michael Jackson one.

Instagram Is Absolutely Loving It

Giphy | Slice

No, Lisa's dance videos aren't always well-received. Today's one generated a near-universal thumbs-up, though.

"Get ittt gurlll," one fan wrote.

"All the way!" was another reply.

"You are really really good, I enjoyed it, thank you," one user told the star.

Of course, some fans did notice that the moves were doubling up as a workout session.

"More fun than a stair master!!!" one fan exclaimed.

Lisa's video managed to rack up over 425,000 views in the space of a day. It also raked in over 1,2700 fan comments.

Can We Please Look That Good At 56?

Lisa Rinna shows off her legs while sitting in a tiger-print dress
Gettyimages | Bravo

Well, we can try. Back in 2015, Lisa took to her website to dish a little on her fitness philosophies.

"I get asked a lot what my workout routine looks like in any given week," she wrote.

"So, in a normal week I mostly do yoga which is typically an hour-long class. Sometimes I like to go hiking or head to Soul Cycle for spin class and that’s it! I mix it up, usually doing something 5-6 days a week, but really, I just do it when I can," she added.

That "Food Issues" Admission That Made Us A Bit Sad

Giphy | Slice

Food issues have proven a hot topic for Lisa's fans. The star's daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin is in recovery from anorexia nervosa, with Lisa herself even admitting that she "probably" has food issues.

“Do I have any food issues? I probably do ’cause I’m in this business," Lisa told Andy Cohen this year.

Amelia first sparked concern last year as bikini snaps showed the 18-year-old looking worryingly thin. Amelia made the brave decision to go public with her battle on social media. Things seem much better for Amelia now, though. The teen is looking healthy and happy.

Dancing On Instagram. It's A Celeb Thing.

Giphy | Ariana Grande

Celebs dancing to other celebs on Instagram. Not a trend we ever predicted, but it's become one nonetheless. Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has bopped along to Ariana Grande. Jennifer Lopez has been filmed by Alex Rodriguez while working her moves to a remix of her own beats and Cardi B. Lisa Rinna may have a more modest following than all of the above-mentioned ladies, but she's still part of the celeb dancing gang.

As to the Pussycat Dolls – not a band name, anyone was really mentioning anymore, but with all things the '90s and 2000s returning, it looks like old-school girl bands are back.

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