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Kelly Clarkson Will Perform Her Duet With Former 'The Voice' Contestant Kaleb Lee On The Show

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By Clark Sparky

Kelly Clarkson will be performing with a "Voice" contestant who was part of her team last season. Kaleb Lee was sent a song by Clarkson after the season was over that she thought he should record. He agreed and convinced her to sing on the track, as well.

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The two will perform the song, "I Dream in Southern," on "The Voice" on Tuesday.

Lee talked to about how the collaboration came to fruition.

"Kelly and her husband Brandon [Blackstock] have really taken me in, and just helped me in so many ways," Lee said. "She sent me a song shortly after the show, a song called 'I Dream in Southern.' And it was an incredible song. We went through the process of trying to figure out if there was going to be another record or not, and finally it did make it obviously."

"And then I did a show with her, on her tour, her Meaning of Life Tour in March of last year," he told the outlet. "She said 'Hey, I wanna sing a song with you,' and I was like 'That would be awesome. Let's do it.' And then she's like 'No, I really wanna sing this song with you. I wanna record the song with you.'"

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It will be Lee's first time performing on "The Voice" sine he was a contestant, and he knows there will be some nerves to work though.

"I may have a little nervousness but I'm trying to shake that out. Somebody told me once [about] nerves, your body doesn't really know the difference between excitement and nerves. So I'm trying to just channel everything into excitement right now. It's gonna be so awesome. I can't wait."

"It's absolutely terrifying," Lee continued. "I don't really get nervous in performances at all. I never really have dealt with that to a large extent. But you always get the butterflies. And that stage, that night, for the blind audition was the most nervous I've ever been in my life. It was super intense, and for me it was because I've been out of the game for so long. You start second-guessing.

"This doesn't feel like second nature anymore, so you're really having to work for it," he added. "You're getting back on the stage, and it's not just like you're going and playing in a small little coffee shop or anything like that, or a bar."

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