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Beyoncé is wearing a shiny silver outfit that leaves no room for imagination,and holding a mike while she sings

Beyoncé Blasts Trolls Monitoring Her Weight Gain & Loss Over 15-Year-Period

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Beyoncé Knowles is a successful singer who started her career at a young age and built her fame u in no time. For many years now, the singer-songwriter has remained in the spotlight and has amassed millions of fans all over the world. She is also the first celebrity to boldly talk about her imaginations of her body 15 years ago. According to the singer, a decade and half ago, she would never have believed that she would embrace the changes on her body that came with motherhood and this is amazing.

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During a Q&A with fans orchestrated by Elle, Beyoncé clapped back as trolls and non-fans who were keeping track of her weight gain and loss for the past fifteen years. She mentioned that she had grown to embrace her body and the changes that came with motherhood and every other woman should be able to do the same. The song-writer expressed her emotions to these trolls with curse words and she was not sorry for it. She insisted that no one had the right to keep track of her body weight except her.

Beyoncé is wearing a while low-cut outfit that leaves her laps bare, with a silver boot to match
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Beyoncé mentioned that her children and maturity have helped her understand that valuing and embracing herself is the most important thing to do as a woman whom society expects a lot from. She also said that she understands that she is more than enough no matter what anyone says to her. For many years now, Beyoncé has shown herself as a role model to several women out there who think that they cannot have it all. She has helped to instill courage and bravery in the hearts of young girls and women to follow their dreams no matter what.

She is wearing a gold-yellow off-shoulder dress that puts her cleavages on display
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Moving on, the singer replied to another question from a fan about owning her narrative as an artist. She mentioned that the more she grew, the more she understood the benefit of valuing and giving herself credit for the things she does. She also went on to say that she decided to be in control of her legacy and work so that she can have an open communication with her fans whenever she wants. "I want my words and my art to come directly from me." she said.

Beyoncé is seen in an overall green dress, holding hands with Jay-Z who is wearing a well tailored grey suit with a gold neck piece
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Finally, she talked about her struggles with the miscarriages she had in the past and said that it taught her important life lessons. Presently, Beyoncé is a mother to Blue, Sir and Rumi (Twin babies) with her husband, Jay Z. The first time she had this tragic experience, was in 2013 and she tagged it the saddest thing she had ever been through in life. This prompted her to start learning from the situations around her and realize that good and bad things are a gift to people.

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