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Sadie Robertson, 'Duck Dynasty' Daughter, Loves Husbands Thoughts on Her Stretch Marks

Gettyimages | David Livingston
By Zachary Holt

Sadie Robertson, the beloved daughter on the hit show, Duck Dynasty, just recently got married to her husband and suffice it to say, the two are setting a pretty solid foundation. Like all relationships between people, there must be an appreciation of all the imperfections, as much as the aspects that make that person special. On her Instagram account, Robertson's shared exactly how her husband feels about her imperfections, specifically, her stretch marks, and it's a 'faith in humanity restored' kind of moment.

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Stretch Marks Are Cool

Sadie Robertson | Instagram

In the past, Sadie Robertson has shared that her stretch marks have been one of her biggest insecurities. Well, it may not be an insecurity any longer, as the Duck Dynasty star shared in an Instagram post that her husband, Chris Huff, thinks they're actually really cool. In a picture of herself in a red bathing suit, sitting in a lounge chair, Roberston captioned the image with, "whoa babe your stretch marks are so cool' - things husbands say." She followed that statement with a bit of an explanation.

Embracing The Imperfections

Gettyimages | Mike Pont

Following up with her caption, Robertson elaborated on her post sharing, "Smile lines, face wrinkles, stretch marks, scars that say we made it through something hard, and all the other things we notice in the mirror that bother us, our friends and family notice and love and are proud of the people we have become. Just think about it... if we love it for other people let’s just start loving it for ourselves too - it would make life a lot more fun." It's a great take on appreciating our significant others' imperfections and embracing the good and the bad.

Starting Out On the Right Foot

Sadie Robertson | Instagram

Although the two have only been married for several weeks now, they seem to be starting off on the right foot. And did we mention the fabulous wedding that the couple had? In front of over 600 people, Robertson and Huff tied the knot on the family farm in Louisiana. Over the weekend, the couple shared a first look at the two during the wedding. Robertson said that both were highly nervous with anticipation leading up to the day, but ultimately those anxious feelings subsided.

Living Her Best Life

Sadie Robertson | Instagram

Aside from living the married life, Robertson continues to keep herself busy with acting roles, writing best-selling books, and being a motivational speaker. In 2016, she launched the Live Original Tour which featured herself and other speakers that encouraged young adults to "to live uniquely and be the person God made you to be." Robertson has also made herself to be an entrepreneur with her own clothing and jewelry lines, as well as, home goods and school supplied. It's safe to say that Robertson is currently living her best life.

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