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Hilary Duff Shares the Reason Her Kids Are Annoying ... but Adorable!

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By Favour

Sometimes, children can be very annoying and irritating with the things they do or the things they do not do. When a mom wants peace and quiet in the home, that is the moment the kids call for help or need assistance with something. After going through the stress of making breakfast, dinner or lunch, they say they would rather have cereal. There are a lot of things that parents do not want from their kids, but they take them anyway out of love.

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However, it gets to a point where this love is overlooked and trampled on, so you have to reveal what it is that is annoying you about your kids. This is exactly what Hilary Duff did recently as she could no longer be the super mom that everyone thinks she is. One thing we ought to know about parenthood is that there are no perfect parents, and the only thing that can be done is to be patient. loving and attentive.

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In early August, Duff revealed that she would have to transfer her series titled "Lizzie McGuire," to Disney+ which is a new streaming platform for Disney Channel shows and series. She also highlighted that the reboot of her series will feature three amazing cast members from the initial series, and fans were excited to hear this news. Although she is planning to have a great time during her series on Disney+, she also has to face the challenges of being a mom to two beautiful children; Luca and Banks.

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The 32-year-old actress and her fiance, Mathew Koma, a singer and record producer have been nothing but amazing parents to the little ones, and fans are always intrigued by them. Now, on to the reason why Duff is mad at her beautiful children.

Recently, Duff shared a post on Instagram that featured her two children kissing and looking gorgeous and her caption for the post was both hilarious and amazing. According to her, the kids are annoying her, but seeing that picture of them together makes her heart melt.

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In her Instagram stories, Duff was making a video for her fans and her kids were practically screaming in the background. The video also showed her hair in a mess and this made fans laugh.

She also showed off the tattoo Luca gave her ankle which she definitely did not plan for, and a painting of palo santo on her face.

She also mentioned that Banks has successfully fallen on her head two times, and was about to do it for the third time, before Luca jumped to the front of her camera screen screaming her head off. After this, he went on to wrap his sister,Banks in toilet paper and Duff is asking someone to send help immediately.

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