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Nick Fury Will Return In 'Captain Marvel 2'

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By Laura Kelly

Although the sequel to Captain Marvel won't be released until 2023, the details are already starting to trickle out. And it has been confirmed that Samuel L. Jackson will be back to play Nick Fury in 'Captain Marvel 2.' We saw the younger Nick Fury play a critical role in the first film. As her one of her closest Earth allies, it only makes sense that Fury would be back to help Captain Marvel once again on her latest mission. Warning: Spoilers are ahead for 'Spider-Man: Far From Home.'

Fury Was A Key Player In The First 'Captain Marvel

Marvel | The Wrap

When we saw him in the first 'Captain Marvel' film, the younger, two-eyed Nick Fury plays a key role in helping Carol Danvers rediscover her identity and help her stop the alien Kree forces from threatening Earth and other life in the universe. And of course, we got to see what happened to Fury's eye (lesson: watch out for Flerkins). It'll be fascinating to see the role Fury will play in the second film now that he has several years of S.H.I.E.L.D. directorship under his belt.

Where Is Fury Now?

Marvel | CinemaBlend

When we last saw Nick Fury, he was in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home,' working with Peter Parker to get him ready to be more than just a "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man." Spider-Man ends up going head-to-head with Quentin Beck a.k.a., Mysterio, a master illusionist from another dimension within the multiverse. While Spider-Man does defeat Mysterio, we learn in the post-credits scene that Talos, the shape-shifting Skrull, has been posing as Fury, filling in, while Nick is off on an undisclosed mission.

The Movie Will Probably Take Place in Space

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We don't know precisely where Fury is currently located, but in the post-credits scene, it looks like he's deep in outer space with a team of Skrulls. Since Captain Marvel has spent most of her time in space, fighting dangerous alien forces, and protecting other alien civilizations, it would make sense that Nick Fury would be back in space to help Carol Danvers. It does sound like the two of them will be preparing to fight the Kree again and keep the militant alien race from invading Earth.

We Might See Another Familar Face

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

It's currently rumored that we might see yet another familiar face join Captain Marvel's fight against the Kree in the second movie. And that person might very well be Jane Foster, who is confirmed as the new Thor in the upcoming film 'Thor: Love and Thunder.'

If this proves to be true, it would mean that the new female Thor will be here to stay in the MCU, at least for more than one movie. It certainly sounds like Fury will have a number of female heroes to add to the Avengers roster in the near future.

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