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Doctors Say 'Bachelorette' Star JP Rosenbaum Has Come Down With an Unusual Neurological Disorder

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Ashley Hebert and her husband, JP Rosenbaum who are both alums of 'The Bachelorette,' recently revealed to the world via Instagram stories that Rosenbaum has been diagnosed with a disorder. According to them, the doctors at Mayo Clinic, it has been confirmed that the television personality has Guillian-Barre syndrome. This is known as an unusual disorder that makes the systems in the body fight against the nerves. In other words, it is a medical condition that damages the nerves in the body till it completely shuts down.

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Specialists often tell people who have this disorder to be positive about their situation and make sure that family and friends are always around them. Also, there are some basic symptoms of this immune problem, and some of them include; weakness, tingling sensations and so on. In some severe cases where the patient did not know about the disorder quickly, it may result in hospitalization.

Fans were very distraught to hear the bad news and they took to the comment section of the page to show their love and support for the couple.

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It is true that there is no known cure for this nerve problem, but medical centers have stated that it is possible for medications to slow the effects of the disorder. They also mentioned that people can live with this disorder, but may experience life-time symptoms like weakness and fatigue.

Hebert and Rosenbaum met each other for the first time on a show titled "The Bachelorette," which was in its seventh season at the time. They met when Herbert gave her final rose to Rosenbaum in 2011, and the duo clicked right away.

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in 2012, they shocked the world when they announced that they were getting married, and this union is blessed with two beautiful children. For several years now, fans have watched this couple show love and support for one another and now that they are in their worst moments, the world is showing them love and support. Recently, the couple showed fans what love meant to them when they had a vow renewal ceremony and everyone was excited for them. It was painful to hear the tragic news, the couple is hopeful that things will get better.

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Rosenbaum expressed his disbelief when he heard what the doctors had to say, but he is keeping a straight face no matter what. He went on to say that he will have to remain in the hospital for a few days so that the doctors can get their final results and know the way forward. He also joked about going to several therapy sessions in the future.

The couple took to their Instagram page to thank everyone for their love, support and care since the news came out and they promised to continue fighting.

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