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'Wonder Woman 1984' Trailer Is Here, And Fans Are Excited

Gettyimages | Steve Granitz
By Laura Kelly

It's finally happened; the new trailer for 'Wonder Woman 1984' dropped yesterday after great anticipation from fans everywhere. And they were not disappointed. We knew it was going to be released sometime over the weekend, and fans had been making their countdowns to the trailer premiere. And they weren't disappointed. With audiences hyped up, it's now time to start gearing up for June 2020 when we can see our favorite DC superhero in action again (we're not counting 'Justice League').

The 80s Are Back With A Vengeance

DC |

Nostalgia for the '80s is popular right now, and it's in full effect in the new 'Wonder Woman' trailer. There's the techy-music in the background, the elaborate shopping malls, and there's the 80s fashion. Oh, yes, there's the fashion. We get shoulder pads, we get fanny packs (even Steve Trevor is wearing one!), and best of all, Wonder Woman gets to sport a new power armor, the golden-eagle suit. Bright-gold, with wide-open wings, this look is very well-suited to the '80s aesthetic.

Steve Trevor is Officially Back

DC | Elite Daily

We still don't know the circumstances of Steve Trevor's return, but based on the trailer, he definitely appears to be alive and fully in action. When people heard that Chris Pine would be returning for the next Wonder Woman movie despite his character's death, many speculated that he would only appear in a flashback or a dream. But from what we can see in the trailer, Steve appears in multiple scenes and clearly interacting with Diana and his surroundings. His appearance could mean there's a twist coming, but for now, we're just glad to see him.

Cheetah Is Here

DC | CinemaBlend

We've had a few glimpses from behind-the-scene photos of Kristen Wiig in her role as Wonder Woman antagonist Cheetah, but this was the first time we've seen her actual movie footage. And we actually see Wiig in the first few minutes of the trailer. She's just sitting down and having a glass of wine with Diana and the two seem to be having what looks like a pleasant conversation. A scene like this opens up many questions about what kind of relationship these two might have in the film.

It Looks Amazing

Gettyimages | Victor Chavez

'Wonder Woman' has been arguably the most successful out of all the recent DC Universe movies. After a few clunkers like 'Batman vs. Superman,' and 'Suicide Squad,' DC finally got a hit with 'Wonder Woman' in 2017, renewing DC fans' faith in the newer films. And if anyone feared that the second movie in the Wonder Woman film series might not be as good as the first, this trailer shows that we have a very promising and exciting film to look forward to in 2020.

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