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'Saturday Night Live' Parodies Nancy Pelosi Offering Prayers for Trump

By Natalie Hunter

'Saturday Night Live' is known for its political parodies. On its December 7th episode, the writers did not hold back on its political jokes.

The cold open was a sketch called "NATO Cafeteria" and featured Jimmy Fallon Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau as Paul Rudd as French president Emmanuel Macron and James Corden as British prime minister Boris Johnson as "the cool kids" sitting at their own lunch table.

They also brought politics into the Weekend Update with Kate McKinnon playing Nancy Pelosi.

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Giphy | Saturday Night Live

“Everyone needs to understand, I'm not impeaching Trump because I hate him — I’m impeaching Trump because rules," McKinnon's Pelosi said. "Remember it is not my fault that we are in this position. It is Trump’s fault. It’s not the lifeguard’s fault for evacuating the pool; it’s the rich kid, for taking a dook in the deep end.”

When Jost asks McKinnon's Pelosi if she prays for Trump, she responds, "Yes, I pray for Trump. I'll pray for him right now."

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

McKinnon assumes a prayer position and prays, "Lord, please help Donald Trump.If he has to be president, please make him be a little better at any of it. And please take him — not to Heaven, just somewhere else, just for a little while. Mama needs a break.”

When Weekend Update host Colin Jost interrupts to check that they're in fact prayers, she responds affirmatively.

"Dear Lord, teach Donald Trump your values and teach him to understand The Golden Rule," she continues.

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

“and the Golden Rule — what it is and that it is not a sex thing. Help him with his cares and concerns — like help him to have those about anyone and anything. Here’s an idea: Maybe place a curse on him like the movie ‘Liar Liar,’ where he’s forced to tell the truth for just one week. Come on, Lord, even you know that’d be funny.”

When Jost accuses Pelosi's prayers of being passive aggressive, she responds, "No, some of these are 'aggressive-aggressive.'"

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Pelosi continued to pray, "Lord, please watch over the Trump organization which is being run by Eric. Please heal the republicans in the senate who all tragically lost their balls, and please bless Lindsey Graham with a baby who’s black and gay."

Colin Jost then thanked Pelosi for appearing and then sent her away.

This episode of 'SNL' was hosted by Jennifer Lopez with DaBaby as the musical guest. While ratings continued to slip, J Lo gave some satisfying laughs in her sketches.

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