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Pete Davidson Adds J Lo to His List of Celebrity Romances in 'SNL Sketch

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Natalie Hunter

Pete Davidson and Jennifer Lopez make fun of themselves in this hilarious 'SNL' sketch. Jennifer Lopez is caught kissing a much younger stagehand Chad, played by Pete Davidson, by her current fiance A-Rod.

The sketch begins with J-Lo singing her song in an empty theater after tech rehearsal. The roadie begins to unplug her equipment. She goes to yell at him but then releases it's the much younger man that she's been crushing on from afar. Chad was seemingly unphased by the interaction.

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After asking what his name is, J Lo responds, "Nice to put a name to that handsome face."

Chad doesn't even seem to recognize the celebrity as he asks, "Who are you?"

“I’m Jennifer Lopez. I sing here. didn’t you hear me singing?…Did you like what you heard?” she responds.

He unabashedly replies, “no.” But that doesn't stop J Lo.

“You know, I appreciate your honesty — since we’re being honest — I have a little confession,” she revealed to Pete’s Chad who still seems unphased.

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“Ever since I saw you, I haven’t been able to get you out of my…I shouldn’t have these feelings for you, I just got engaged, I’m in love with Alex.”

Chad cuts her off by asking, "Who dat?"

“A-Rod? He was a Yankee! Part of me wants to say screw it and make crazy love to you on the stage right here," she responds. When she turns around he's already completely stripped down.

He responds, "Sick."

When she says, "I can't." He seems in different and puts his clothes back on.


"I’m sorry Chad. It’s crazy. We just met, but I feel like you see me. It’s funny when you’re up here on stage around thousands of people screaming your name, it’s easy to get lost in it,” she apologizes.

To all of this, Chad simply responds, "Ok."

She then asks him if he wants to dance. He responds to this by air-thrusting the stool. She corrects him and the two begin to slow dance.

As they're dancing, Chad burps and J Lo jokes, "Somebody had Doritos."

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

This is when Alex Rodriguez charges into rehearsal with flowers and catches the two in the act.

“Alex, um, this is my new choreographer,” J Lo tried to explain.

All A-Rod could say was, "I hope you’re happy," as he stormed out of the venue.

J Lo then dramatically turned to Chad and says solemnly, “Alex, wait! Chad, I have to go after him...and I think you have to leave the tour."

To which Chad of course responds, "Ok." On her way out he says, "Bye, Jello."

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