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Lady Gaga Fans Are Attacking Billie Eilish On Social Media

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Clark Sparky

Lady Gaga fans are very mad online at Billie Eilish, and the reason for the outrage is pretty ridiculous. During an interview with Variety, the 17-year-old singer/songwriter and her brother were talking about memorable moments from awards shows over the years.

"I grew up watching the GRAMMYs, we all did. I used to judge all the girls' dresses. That's all I did, I barely paid attention to the music," Eilish said.

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"Was the meat dress a GRAMMYs event?" her brother, Finneas O'Connell, asked Eilish.

"Eh, Yiiiiikes," Eilish, who is vegan, responded.

This was interpreted by some fans to be a direct attack on Lady Gaga, and they responded in kind on social media. A hashtag "#BillieEilishIsOverParty" was started and the bombardment began.

"Hey @billieeilish don’t diss the queen @ladygaga, her outfits are iconic. I love your music but stop the bulls*** behavior," one Gaga fan wrote.

"Imagine saying 'yikes' to a dress who is more popular than her and her brother combined...i mean," another said.

"Can not believe she even ATTEMPTED to insult this complete serve....... LITTLE MONSTERS PUT YOUR PAWS UP RAWR XX,"a third tweeted.

But plenty of people also came to Eilish's defense.

"Y’all really trying to cancel a 17 year old icon, for not liking a MEAT dress when she’s a vegan wtf, also y’all roasted gaga on her meat dress for the longest time," one fan wrote.

"I'm not even a billie stan but all she did was say 'ew' to a meat dress and y'all cancel her but if you saw the dress on someone else before this and a huge celeb said ew y'all would laugh with them so uh," another said.

"I've never understood y'all's hate for Billie. y'all don't have any good reason lmao, but for some reason you keep finding some dumb excuse to invalidate her depression, make fun of her name, hate on her fans, and bully tf out of her FOR WHAT???" someone else wondered.

Eilish was asked by Variety about the social media attacks. “I didn’t even know about it. I don’t even care. Why would I care?” She said, "People try to frame me for being shady and I’m not even, so I don’t care. I’m just being honest, I’m not gonna lie!”

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