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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Couple Goals No Doubt

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Jennifer Lopez is one of the famous people that we all know and love. Shockingly, she had managed to stay in the spotlight for several decades; either as a singer and performer or as an actress. Lopez is the kind of woman that pushes for her goals no matter what and many people admire and look up to her.

Although she has had a great run on television and in music studios, the actress has also had her fair share of bad relationships in the past.

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These relationships were not only open for all to see, but they also did not last long enough and this bothered fans. But just like she bounces back after every disappointment that she faces, Lopez has found love again. The difference now is that she is keeping a low profile when it comes to her lover. This has often made people wonder if the duo are still together. Well, we are excited to tell you that they are and are planning an amazing wedding very soon.

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After they were spotted at an event holding hands, the singer confirmed people's speculations that she was head over heels in love with Alex Rodriguez. Shortly after this, they became one of Hollywood' power couple and fans could not wait to hear the nuptial news. Aside from being lovers, Lopez and Rodriguez are also business people who take their line of work seriously. They have both signed huge endorsements with prominent companies and are dealing to top brands in several places. In other words, they are couple goals.

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It is true that the lovers have had children from past relationships, but that does not mean that they cannot think of having their own children. Lopez once talked about her relationship with Rodriguez's children and said it was going pretty fine. Her twins have also helped her understand how to relate with her to be step-children and so far, everything is going well.

Speaking to People, Lopez mentioned that the girls were very excited when she got engaged to their father as they know that she will love them just the same way she loves her kids.

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Lopez also commented on having children of her own with her new lover and she is definitely open to that idea. In the same interview with People, the singer said that she would like to try after her marriage to Rodriguez. Luckily for us, the wedding plans will be hatched in 2020 and everyone is looking forward to it.

There are several places in the world where this wedding could take place, but Lopez and her fiance will have to choose one special place soon.

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