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Chrissy Teigen's Fans Lash Out At Troll Who Criticizes Revealing Pic

By Gary Trock

Chrissy Teigen has amassed quite an impressive social media following, and they are not afraid to band together and vanquish anyone who may try and cut down their Queen, especially when it comes to sharing an adorable moment with her daughter.

It all started when the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model shared a cute photo Saturday morning of 3-year-old Luna. In the photo, Luna appears to be helping mommy get ready, and Teigen can be seen showing off some serious skin while wearing a pink jacket, and it appears nothing else.

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While many fans commented about the sweet moment between Teigen and her daughter, a few people expressed their dislike for the pic ... especially one guy who set off a whole war in the "Lyp Sinc Battle" co-host's IG page.

"Jesus cover up your daughter is right there," the Internet troll wrote. What followed was an onslaught of responses from Teigen's fans defending the star and letting the commenter know they can keep their opinions to themselves.

Chrissy also clapped back, telling the troll, "she sucked it for months and doesn't mind it much." The photo has since amassed almost 1 million likes.

Giphy | NBC

"that's on you. If you don't like her posts stop following her.," one fan argued.

"hiding every single thing is what causes shame. There’s a fine line between modesty and shame. Guilting someone into “covering up” creates the idea that the body is bad," explained another.

A third person praised Teigen, "Girl you look great! Nothing wrong with feeling good in your own skin! & teaching you daughter the same thing!"

Over 2,000 comments racked up against the troll, and they responded by eventually making their profile pic into the controversial one from Teigen.

That didn't sit well with her true fans, who wrote "don’t follow her or just keep scrolling. It’s easy. And your sick that you made it your profile picture."

A second person wrote, "CALM YOUR TITS, PEOPLE! she can’t win if she keeps it real, yet everyone would tear her apart if she didn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️ just back off and worry about your own lives and babies and let her raise hers how she sees fit. Seems like they’re well loved and cared for so whyyyyy do you care?"

She's Done It Before


It's not the first time Teigen has clapped back at a troll who criticized the way she dressed or what she showed on her body. Back in August, she was visiting a toy store and asked fans, "what do you think I’m looking at?" while showing off some major cleavage.

"A bra, girl get you one!" a fan commented. Teigen immediately responded, "Allow me to save you from my titties."

Court of Public Opinion

Giphy | NBC

Chrissy isn't afraid to battle it out in public over what she believes in, and now she's going to get the chance to actually preside over the legal process when her Quibi show, "Chrissy's Court," launches next year.

She recently started promoting the show and spoke about watching some of the footage in the editing room.

"I am looking at rough cuts of “Chrissy’s Court” and it is somehow better than I could have ever, ever imagined. @quibi don’t be mad at me!!"

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