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Kevin Hart Says He Had To Deal With A 'Racist' Camel During 'Jumanji' Filming

Gettyimages | Al Bello
By Clark Sparky

Kevin Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson were on The "Graham Norton Show" in England this week to promote Jumanji: The Next Level, and the two friends had some hilarious stories to share about filming the movie. For the film, both actors had to shoot quite a few scenes with real animals, something Hart says he doesn't like to do.

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Johnson cracked a joke about Hart being afraid to even work with a poodle, before the two discussed the largest animal they had to share a scene with: camels.

"There's a massive scene where we're on camels — Kevin got to know his camel very, very well. Terrified of camels, by the way." said Johnson.

"Very racist camel," Hart interrupted. "Let's just get it out there. Let's get it out. Well, I was the only black guy that was there. I mean that camel definitely had it out for me, did it not? Was any other camel making noise except for mine? Was any other camel making noises?!"

Giphy | Jumanji: The Next Level

"Kevin, well, here's the thing. As you guys know, animals, they feed off the energy of the human being, and [Kevin] had a very fearful energy," Johnson said.

"Oh, right, so I'm racist against myself?" Hart joked. "This is ridiculous. It was — the camel was not — it was not a nice camel, okay?"

In a previous interview this week, Johnson and Hart talked about the serious car accident that Hart was a part of earlier this year. Johnson said how he reacted when he heard about the crash.

"His situation could’ve gone another way. He knows that, we know that," Johnson replied. "When I heard the news, my heart stopped and I lost my breath."

"Kevin’s one of the good ones, he’s a good egg," he continued. "So, I’m really proud of not only his ability to overcome, but we’re here, we’re in Cabo, we made Jumanji. Life is good. I’m happy that he’s here."

"The beauty of our relationship is, we hugged, we had real strong conversation when he finally came back, face to face, about what this meant and how it has changed him. It’s almost as if life and the universe takes this shade and lifts it from your eyes and you view the world a different way. It was really beautiful."

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