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Billie Eilish Disses Trump in Another Honest Interview

Gettyimages | Erika Goldring
By Natalie Hunter

Billie Eilish is one of the youngest "anti-pop stars" to achieve her level of success. She has won MTV Awards, Kids Choice Awards, and AMA Awards at only 17 years old.

She also, despite her young age, isn't afraid to speak her mind. Lately she has ruffled feathers by admitting she doesn't understand older references AKA representing almost everyone who is a Gen Z.

Her latest moment of honesty was during an interview with The Los Angeles Times in which she spoke out against Trump.

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While Eilish doesn't support Trump, she still believes that he may be reelected in 2020.

“I’m pretty worried about [2020],” she said to the outlet. “I think stupid Trump is probably going to get reelected, and that makes my heart break. You know, some people just love horrible people. It’s weird.”

She is also getting blasted by GaGa's "little monsters." According to Perez Hilton, she and her brother were discussing Grammy Awards fashion in a Variety interview.

“Yikes,” Billie Eilish said of Lady GaGa's meat dress.


“Lady Gaga, the second most awarded woman alive in music after Beyonce with 304+ awards, has worn a meat dress almost a decade ago. #Vogue loved it, @TheEllenShow most popular tv show loved it, @drake rapper with 181 award winner loved it. Who f**k is she. #BillieEilishIsOverParty,” one GaGa fan tweeted.

“[GaGa] has more talent and vision in her single pinky toe than Billie Eyelash in her whole lifetime. Lady Gaga set the tone for the music and political trend this decade. A trailblazer. All things that industry plant is not. #BillieEilishIsOverParty,” another added.

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“Dude I’ve been a Gaga fan since the beginning. & even I’m not mad at Billie Eilish. Y’all are just sad for trying to cancel a 17-year-old VEGAN for her own opinions/beliefs. Like you think Gaga was bothered by all the opinions back then, let alone now?” one fan asked.

“is people really gonna bully a 17 years old teen for just saying a MEAT dress was weird.. she is so right like everyone roasted gaga for a whole ass year come on. Also let’s not forget billie is a KNOWN vegan anyways go watch the new music video #BillieEilishisoverparty,” another fan added.

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“Who?” Eilish said when Kimmel asked her to name a Van Halen in another incident angering fans.

“Billie Eilish doesn’t know who Van Halen is. Get off my lawn!

I know u guys think that this is ok and I get it but…cmon girl it’s VAN HALEN.

My take: you should definitely know who Van Halen is even if you’re 17," a Van Halen fan tweeted.

Another Van Halen fan defended Eilish, “I say this as a superfan: Van Halen has given Billie Eilish no reason to know who they are. They’ve done very little during her lifetime… Don’t complain about other people’s musical experience being different. Instead, share — give people a reason to love what you love.”

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