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'Gold Rush' Star Parker Schnabel Resorts to Espionage On His Crew

Discovery Channel
By Gary Trock

With so much at stake during this season of "Gold Rush," Parker Schnabel is making sure no stone goes unturned and has launched a new strategy which his crew is none too happy about. In a sneak peek of this week's episode of the Discovery Channel reality show, Schnabel introduces his gold mining crew to Jessica.

"She's gonna be helping us with really making sure we're staying efficient, lots to do this season," Schnabel tells his crew, who are not happy with the idea that someone may be spying on them during operations.

Trying to alleviate some of the tension, Schnabel tells his employees, "If you're working hard you don't got anything to worry about," however that doesn't exactly ease the anxiety over the situation.

Jessica makes it clear, "I'm not here to spy on anyone in particular," which gets a response from crewmember Brennan Ruault asking, "You don't trust us anymore, Parker?"

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The young gold mining star answers that he trusts his crew, "It's just that I don't trust myself," and with so much on the line Schnabel wants to make sure he's doing all he can to run a successful business.

"We've got a mountain to climb, I gotta find the best way to do that," he explains.

Later, when walking around the mining site with Jessica, Shabel is asked what his plan is for "unproductive" employees.

"Just fire them," he sternly answers, adding that there's no time for redemption.

The inquisition will not go down without any repercussions for Schnabel, however, as his crew is quietly stewing and making it clear amongst themselves that if they are hung out to try by some newcomer with no gold mining experience, there will be hell to pay for the young reality star.

Jessica is also worried that she may be in the crosshairs of anyone who she has to report is not working up to an acceptable level.

The espionage move by Schnabel is in extreme contrast to his generous attitude the other week when he bestowed an impressive piece of machinery on his crew to help them with production.

Discovery Channel

The 25-year-old brought in a ginormous Volvo Excavator, the EC750E. The 750 boasts over 500 horsepower and can hold up to 8.5 tons of dirt. It also weighs as much as a T-Rex.

"I ordered it this spring when I knew we had a lot to do this year. It's got a big bucket and a lot of power behind it, going to help us move a lot of dirt," Schnabel told his excited crew.

"I wasn't expecting something like this ... thank you, boss!" they exclaimed.

The "Gold Rush" miners were counting on the big machine to help them move more dirt in a faster amount of time, especially as the end of their water contract continues to cast a cloud over their entire gold mining operation.

Along with Schnabel, "Gold Rush" is also following veteran gold miner Tony Beets and Rick Ness as they also try and strike it rich under the harshest conditions around.

New episodes of "Gold Rush" air Fridays at 9 PM on Discovery.

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