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The Situation from Jersey Shore Celebrates 4 Years 'Clean and Sober' with Support from Castmates

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By Zachary Holt

For years, the crew that made up the cast of The Jersey Shore epitomized debauchery and partying. Alcohol was emblazoned in every manner possible and you were sure to find one of the members of the crew drunk at some point in an episode. That behavior, while certainly a part of the entertainment that the show presented, carried over into each of the casts' respective lives and potentially, affected Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino the hardest. Just recently, Sorrentino posted on Instagram that he was celebrating being four years 'clean and sober'. As a result, he has received overwhelming support from his former castmates and fans, alike.

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Castmate and Fan Support

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Everybody goes through hard times at one point or another throughout their lives and having friends and others as a support system is what usually helps you get back on track. Sorrentino has had that support through his wife, Lauren, fellow castmates such as Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, and fans on social media. Specifically, Snooki commented on his Instagram post with the caption, "Proud of you brother!" While other fans were quick to congratulate him on his fortitude by sharing motivational words. One user shared, "Tough times don't last, tough people do."

It's a Time for Celebration

Anthony Serrantonio

Any amount of time that someone is able to clean their life up, especially when it comes to substance abuse, it's a success. Both Sorrentino and his wife, Lauren, posted another picture on Instagram, smiling, and sharing that they would be celebrating the four years that Mike has been 'clean and sober'. Although, the four-year mark isn't till the end of the month, the couple plans on celebrating all through December. Sorrentino shared, "We've got big news to celebrate!"

Learning from Past Mistakes

Mike Sorrentino | Instagram

Despite the successful run that Sorrentino had on The Jersey Shore, the most recent years haven't been easy. After being charged with tax evasion following the end of the show, Sorrentino was dragged through a long court battle, but ultimately was charged and sentenced. As a result, Sorrentino served eight months in the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York, only having been released two months before the celebratory post on Instagram. To Sorrentino, though, life is all about redemption.

Redemption Is Sweet

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Life is all about redemption and learning from past mistakes. The people we were doesn't define the people we can be or become. Sorrentino takes this mantra to heart and reiterated this sentiment in speaking to Us Weekly. "I am grateful to be four years clean and sober, being my best self and living my best life," the Jersey Shore star shared. "The comeback is truly greater than the setback," Sorrentino said. "I am showing my friends, family and, fans by example that your current situation is not your final destination and to never give up on yourself." It seems that Sorrentino is on the right track and is surrounding himself with people that will lead him down the path of success.

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