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'Temptation Island' Recap: Fans Love Casey's Looming Marriage Proposal Meltdown

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By Gary Trock

Much like a car wreck on the freeway that everyone slows down for, fans love a good disaster on reality TV! This week's episode of "Temptation Island" set us up for a real doozy of a dilemma as Casey is seen in the final throes of desperation when he gets the bright idea to go and purchase an engagement ring for his girlfriend ... even though she's definitely fallen in love with another man.

With the final dates completed, everyone on the island is either making a final push for a romantic connection or throwing the final hail mary to save their own relationship.

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Mia is the MVP

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Now that it's pretty evident Esonica has formed an emotional connection with Kareem, Gavin was working on his backup plan, which was a romance with Mia. However, she wasn't having any of it and shut Gavin down in front of everyone for a final overnight date. Fans went wild over Mia figuring out his plan and not allowing herself to be anyone's second choice.

"I'm glad she turned him down because if anyone saw her casting tape she was serious about finding love and wanting to be with someone.....Gavin told her how he was gonna leave the island with his gf and then still try to run game on her like boyyyy stop!!!" one fan wrote on Twitter.

"Gavin is taking ALL THE Ls!!! She wouldn’t even go on the final date with that cat!" another wrote.

A third fan actually felt bad for Gavin and thinks Esonica is falling for the glitz and glamour of "Temptation Island," writing:

"I think she's getting wrapped up in the magic of the island. As nice as Kareem is, I think she's getting distracted because of the "honeymoon phase" and focusing on all the bad things about Gavin."

Everybody Still Hates David

There are two things that all the fans pretty much agree on at the end of the 2nd Season of "Temptation Island."

  1. David is a tool
  1. A refusal to use Toneata's actual name

Perhaps the most amusing fan reaction to "Temptation Island," is that everyone has a clever little nickname for Toneata, and they definitely don't feel bad about using them now that she's in a romance with David.

"Taquito jumped up and said yes to David and the final date like she was accepting a final rose. Wrong show and definitely wrong man. There is zero chance she is interested in him. Taquito saw an opportunity and took it.," one fan commented.

"Tortilla and David might leave together. Tortilla sounds like she has 0 brain cells and David is just so f---ing trash," another wrote.

You may remember, David is the one who cheated on Kate with Payton and Sam during a wild threesome and then cried about how bad he messed up. The fans have not forgotten, and they definitely feel like he's stringing Toneata around.

"How tf David asks Toenail to be his girlfriend before breaking up with Kate??? " one person questioned.

Casey's Downward Spiral

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Some people like to watch the world burn, which is exactly what is going down with Casey as he is seen planning a last-ditch effort to get Ashley H an engagement ring and save his relationship. What he doesn't fully realize, or want to accept, is that she's emotionally moved on with Ben, who is putting the moves on extra hard.

"Casey is going to get his heart shattered with this proposal and I'M SO HERE for it," one fan wrote in anticipation of next week's episode.

"And let me just say I cannot WAIT for casey to pull that ring out and look like even more of a fool 😭😭😭" another fan excitedly commented.

"I can’t wait until Ashley dumps Casey after he proposes. I’m going to laugh so damn much. The guy is way too manipulative. So glad Ashley has Ben now," a third fan wrote.

The first part of the "Temptation Island" finale airs next week ... and by the looks of things ... it's going to be wild!

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