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'Temptation Island' Sneak Peek: Final Dates & Someone Gets a Ring?!

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By Gary Trock

The second season of "Temptation Island" is coming to a close, and although not everyone looks like they're going to be living with the partner they started with weeks ago, there appear to be many happy endings in the works. In a new sneak peek of this week's episode, host Mark Walberg lets the cast know that they are approaching their final dates, which struck fear into the hearts of those who are still up-in-the-air about where they stand in their relationships.

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Esonica & Kareem

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We are down to the last mile, your final date, Walberg tells the cast as they prepare to make the final push towards the culmination of the summer. The teaser then cuts to some of the couples we've been following, mainly Esonica and Gavin. She's been making a big connection with Kareem, and Gavin finally is starting to worry that he may be as secure in his relationship as he once thought.

"She's only been on dates with this guy," Gavin confides in Medinah. She responds, "It's called making an emotional connection."

"The decision that I am going to make is going to affect Kareem and Gavin," Esonica tells the camera while she mulls who to choose.

Ashley & Ben

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Meanwhile, the only people who probably don't need a final date to decide on their status is Ashley H and Ben. In another teaser of this week's episode, Ashley is spilling out her guts to Ben during a romantic setting and letting him know how important he has become to her.

"You've always been there for me no matter what. I feel like you weren't pushing and I really appreciate that maybe i didn't tell you enough but I really do," she said.

Ben explains that, "Getting to know you as a friend before getting to know you romantically I think was the biggest thing. I saw who you were as a woman before anything else."

Ben admits that, "I think I'm falling for you," and Ashley responds, "My heart just dropped into my stomach that you just said that."

In a confessional, Ashley later told producers, "This man appreciates me and thinks that I'm a beautiful person, and it just feels good to have somebody say that to you if you don't think it for so long."

What's Casey Thinking???

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Meanwhile, Casey has apparently learned nothing from his time on "Temptation Island" and appears to be preparing to win Ashley back ... even though she's clearly moved on with Ben.

In the preview, Casey says, "This is my future wife and I need to fight." He's then seen at a jewelry store with Toneata and is looking at diamond rings! We're guessing that ring isn't for Toneata ... and if Casey plans on giving that to Ashley H during the final bonfire, things are going to get wild.

There's also the ongoing drama with Kate and David, although it appears David is not so much into salvaging what's left of his relationship with Kate before leaving paradise. We'll have to tune in tonight for the action to kick off!

"Temptation Island" airs Thursdays at 10 PM on USA.

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