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Laura Dern Discusses Hit Film 'Marriage Story'

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By Natalie Hunter

Laura Dern is killing it in 2019. She played major roles in hit film 'Marriage Story' and 'Little Women' which will be hitting theaters December 25th, 2019. She also graced the small screen as Renata in hit HBO show 'Big Little Lies.'

Dern sat down with Deadline to discuss her role in 'Marriage Story.' She plays a fictionalized version of Greta Gerwig who is a ruthless divorce attorney opposed to an actress, screenwriter, and director. She acted alongside Adam Driver.

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"Yes. I think Adam Driver speaks so beautifully of his relationship with Noah, that he feels like it’s all just one long conversation from the four movies they’ve done together. And I had not felt that other than with David Lynch, where you are family, and you’re going to be in this lifetime journey of making art together. I had found that in Noah and Greta, that feeling, that it’s a continual conversation," Dern told Deadline of collaborating with Diver's character, Noah.

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"As wildly different as two characters can be, it’s a continued conversation about what it is to be human, what it is to be female, what it is to be a woman in power, what it is to be influencing others. All of those considerations came up in these wildly different stories. And for this couple to give me not only the opportunity to be part of their stories, but to play the most unbelievably different female characters I could ever play back-to-back was amazing," Dern continued.

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Dern spoke positively on performing Greta's powerful monologue.

"He let me discover it in the writing. I fell in love with it. He let me elaborate a little bit and really get to the core of it in the writing of it, which was amazingly fun, to collaborate in that way. I think he wanted to give [a sense of] who she was when she first got into it [being a divorce lawyer] and what her actual intent is," Dern said.

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"That it’s not just some stereotype of a woman who needs to win, that there are intentions that are based on how women are measured in the world, and how women have to enter a room, and how women have to fight, and how women have to go up against men in their workplace environment. All of those things were being considered. And how mothers are measured differently than fathers… it’s like, 'Oh my God, he made dinner for his kids. He’s amazing,'" she added.

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