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Daniel Maguire claims that 'Ex on the Beach' was More Difficult than 'The Bachelorette'

By Natalie Hunter

Daniel Maguire has made his rounds on American reality TV shows about romance. However, according to PopCulture, he claims he had the most difficult time most recently on MTV's 'Ex on the Beach.'

He initially appeared on JoJo Fletcher's season of 'The Bachelorette' he became known for his notorious exit speech when he was eliminated from the show.

He then appeared on the third season of 'Bachelor in Paradise.' He didn't have much luck and ended leaving week 4.

Giphy | Bachelor in Paradise

However, many fans found his quirky remarks and odd jokes amusing. He was asked to reappear on 'BIP' season 4. He had more success at that time around and dated Lacey Mark. Despite professing her love to him, he ended up ghosting her.

Daniel Maguire was given yet another chance to redeem himself on 'Ex on the Beach.' The premise of the show is that contestants are expected to couple up and are then tempted by their exes showing up on the beach.

Giphy | Ex On The Beach

Daniel wanted to steer clear of drama during his time on 'Ex on The Beach.'

“I really respect the whole Bro Code, so I'm not gonna hit on my buddy's ex," he told PopCulture, adding, "Well, unless she's the girl of my dream."

It didn't come easy for him though. "I felt like I was in high school or college, living in the dorms," he explained. "It was definitely the hardest show I've ever filmed … being stuck in a house, it’s like being stuck in prison.”

Giphy | Ex On The Beach

He also didn't end up sticking to that plan for long. Things got heated for him fast and he didn't enjoy it.

“In the beginning, the fighting and the arguing to me was entertaining, but it got really old really quick," he added. "I sometimes like to have my nose in the drama and be nearby, but I'm the type of person where I like to use words, and then words can sometimes get further than words.”

He tried hard to prevent things from getting physical.

Giphy | Bachelor in Paradise

"I don't want things to escalate further, because I'm the type of person where I'm not afraid to throw down. So I don't want to put myself in that kind of situation. ...It’s hard to argue with stupid.” He did this to avoid getting kicked off the show.

His unusual jokes still managed to get some air time. “In interviews is when I kind of got my two cents in," he told Pop Culture. "A lot of people don't understand everything I say. Pretty much everything I say, I'm messing around, I'm trolling or I'm being sarcastic.”

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