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Joe Alwyn Is A Super Supportive Boyfriend

Gettyimages | Jackson Lee
By Sarah Veldman

They've been together for about 3 years, however nobody really knows the exact date as they keep things incredibly private. Compared to her past trysts, Taylor Swift has managed to keep her relationship with Joe Alwyn under wraps for quite some time.

Many have speculated that the pair met at the 2016 MET Gala after a song on her Reputation album seemed to allude to this. The lyrics in her song "Dress" describe the way they both looked that night: “Flashback to when you met me, your buzzed cut and my hair bleached."

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They Keep Their Relationship Incredibly Private


The couple is notoriously private about their relationship. In August of this year, Taylor explained why, telling The Guardian's weekend magazine, “I’ve learned that if I do (talk about it), people think it’s up for discussion, and our relationship isn’t up for discussion. If you and I were having a glass of wine right now, we’d be talking about it — but it’s just that it goes out into the world. "

The singer continued, "That’s where the boundary is, and that’s where my life has become manageable. I really want to keep it feeling manageable.”

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Joe Alwyn has also spoken only a handful of times about their relationship. In October 2018, he told British Vogue, “I’m aware people want to know about that side of things. I think we have been successfully very private. And that has now sunk in for people … but I really prefer to talk about work.”

Fortunately, for fans of the couple, some new details about the relationship have been released. A source recently told Us Weekly, “Taylor has had a tough year and Joe has been a rock for her."

Joe has been supporting Taylor as she has faced a tough year. The singer has been involved in a feud with Scooter Braun over the rights to her music.

They Enjoy Spending Time Together In London

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New details about the couple's home life also surfaced recently. A source told E!, "Taylor has been spending a lot of down time in London. She doesn't go out much other than to take a walk with Joe or go to the local pub. They spend a lot of time with Joe's family and friends. All weekend they had people come over or they went to family members' homes."

While Taylor is frequently seen traveling to London, the source also confirmed that Joe makes an effort as well.

They Travel Frequently To See Each Other

Giphy | Taylor Swift

They told E!, "Taylor is back and forth to London frequently. She will leave this week and come back. Sometimes Joe goes with her when he can. He has been filming and stationed in London for several months. Taylor has her own plane so the freedom to pick up at a moment's notice and be wherever she needs to be."

Will an engagement soon be on the horizon for these two? Maybe T Swift will drop another album and give us some insight. Until then, we'll just have to live with rumors and speculation.

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