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Tomi Lahren Ruthlessly Delights In Kamala Harris Ending Her Presidential Campaign

Gettyimages | Michael S. Schwartz
By Clark Sparky

California senator Kamala Harris announced this week that she was ending her campaign for President of the United States. "To my supporters, it is with deep regret—but also with deep gratitude—that I am suspending my campaign today," she tweeted. "But I want to be clear with you: I will keep fighting every day for what this campaign has been about. Justice for the People. All the people."

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While her supporters were sad to hear the news, Fox News conservative commentator Tomi Lahren was thrilled about it.

"In an early Christmas gift to the nation as a whole, Kamala Harris has suspended her campaign for president. The woman once touted as the female Barack Obama, the senator... has officially thrown in the 2020 presidential towel," she said on air Wednesday night.

She then went on to respond to the New York Times calling Harris' announcement surprising.

"Um, surprising to whom? Certainly not to the people of California, the constituents she forgot about long ago in her fruitless quest for bigger and better power."

"Certainly not to anyone who watched her debate performances. Certainly not to anyone who understands to win an election, you need to have actual plans, even if they are horrible ones. No, Kamala’s failure wasn’t a shock to me at all. I knew it was coming and I'm only surprised it took this long," Lahren said.

She the concluded her completely sane and normal diatribe by saying, "One by one, they will all fall by the wayside until Trump is re-elected again in 2020. Wait and watch. But for now, Kamala can go back to her work further destroying California. Lucky us."

In a post on Medium, Harris wrote that she had to stop her campaign because of lack of money.

"I’ve taken stock and looked at this from every angle, and over the last few days have come to one of the hardest decisions of my life.

My campaign for president simply doesn’t have the financial resources we need to continue.

I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign. And as the campaign has gone on, it’s become harder and harder to raise the money we need to compete."

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