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Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert Discovers Two Words that Definitely Describe Donald Trump

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff
By Joe Allen

After a break for the holiday, "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" returned with new episodes last night. As he often does, Colbert was focused on the news of the day, which in this case included a segment called "Scholarly Review."

In the segment, Colbert discussed the testimony delivered by four constitutional scholars as part of the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. Three of those scholars were called by Democrats, while the fourth was called by Republicans to discuss whether the president should be impeached.

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One of those scholars, University of North Carolina professor Michael Gerhardt, said that "If what we’re talking about isn’t impeachable, then nothing is impeachable."

Colbert reacted to Gerhardt's testimony in his Trump voice. "Thank God, ’cause I can’t wait to tell you everything else that I’ve done." Apparently, the high crimes and misdemeanors that Trump has been committing involve "Shark Week, a weed wacker, and all the left-handed people of Denmark," at least according to the late-night host. Sounds like the preident has been busy.

Giphy | The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

In rebutting claims that the president did anything wrong, many Republicans have argued that his decision to ask for investigations into Ukraine came from a place of "genuine and reasonable skepticism of Ukraine."

Colbert clearly enjoyed the notion that Trump every behaves in a way that could be described as "genuine and reasonable." Even those around Trump might say that's often not the case. In his best sarcastic tone, Colbert said those words were always used to describe the president, along with "athletic and monogamous."

Giphy | The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Throughout the Trump presidency, Colbert has proved himself to be one of the most adept at telling jokes about the president. Early on in his tenure as the host of "The Late Show," Colbert largely ignored politics in an attempt to appeal to a broader audience.

Eventually, though, the host pivoted away from that idea and started to hone in on a more specific political ideology. In an era where the news is constant, Colbert certainly has plenty of material to work with.

Giphy | The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

That includes the House's impeachment inquiry, which has already brought several weeks of public testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee. As the proceedings continue to move along, Colbert and the other late-night hosts who focus on news will definitely have plenty to talk about.

And, if they get bored with impeachment, they can always turn their attention to the 2020 presidential race, which is starting to pick up steam as the first votes in the Democratic primary begin to be cast.

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