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Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder Discusses Losing his Virginity with Andy Cohen

Gettyimages | Jun Sato
By Joe Allen

As most celebrities should know by now, Andy Cohen will ask you anything. During an interview with the host on his radio show, former "Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder sat down with him to discuss a wide range of things, including the age at which he lost his virginity.

When Cohen asked Somerhalder the question, the 40-year-old actor quickly said that he was 13 when he had sex for the first time. Cohen seemed shocked, but asked, “To an older girl?”

Ian Somerhalder
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Somerhalder confirmed that the girl he had had sex with was 16, and said that "it was "Was that when your sexual life started?" Cohen asked. “When you’re 13 and you’re a boy … boys are pretty on it,” Somerhalder told the host, before explaining that his brother, who is seven years older than him, taught him a lot about dating and girls.

The actor grew up in Louisiana with his brother and worked steadily as a model before pursuing an acting career.


“He taught me a lot, and he was quite a Casanova,” Ian said of his brother. “He used to have girls in his bedroom all the time, and what I would do was go to the bottom corner of his window and pinch the venetian blinds down so I had a clear view. And when he had girls over…I would put on all my [warm] clothes, grab some hot chocolate, and I would watch [them through the window]. And I learned a lot."

Ian Somerhalder
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As a parent, Somerhalder now has a slightly different perspective on the best time to lsoe your virginity. "It’s scary being a parent now, because you know all this s–t…it’s so vastly unfair," Ian continued, discussing the double standard that exists between men and women when it comes to sex. "All my friends that have sons are like, ‘yeah, you’re going to get a date and you’re going to do this’ and all the dads’ with daughters are like, ‘I will kill these little bastards.'"

Ian Somerhalder
Gettyimages | Allen Berezovsky

Ian first became a dad two years ago, when his wife Nikki Reed gave birth to their daughter Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder. A year after she gave birth, the actor took to Instagram to explain how he felt about being a dad.

In the caption for his post, Somerhalder reminded his followers that the way society evolves is a direct reflection of how well he and other parents handle their children. Nobody has more power to screw up their kids than parents.

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