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'Alaskan Bush People' Recap: The Hunt for Water & Birdy the Cat Lady

By Gary Trock

"Alaskan Bush People" has officially kicked off their new season and the Brown family definitely has their work cut out for them as they try to adapt to their new surroundings and prepare a new homestead. Wednesday night's episode mainly focused on the Brown children, including Bam Bam, Gabriel, Noah, Bear, Birdy and Rainy.

With Billy and Ami unable to help with much of the construction, the Brown siblings needed to team up and help each other as they began clearing the areas for their respective properties on the large family homestead.

40 Acres Each

Giphy | Discovery

No longer living in Alaska, the Browns have taken over a mountaintop in rural Washington. Each of the Brown children has been given 40 acres to construct their own homes. They each chose different designs, such as a castle for Noah, birdhouse style home for Birdy and a shipping container mansion for Bear. The reality stars spend much of the episode clearing brush, sawing down trees and laying down foundation for their homes.

Birdy the Cat Lady


Birdy's love for cats was highlighted in the first episode back ... and when we say love, we mean obsession. Birdy has 20 cats, and even the other "Alaskan Bush People" kids admit she's got some weird mystical power over them. Even Bear says the cats can hunt with her, which is something he's never seen before. Because she loves her cats so much, Birdy has also collected a bunch of their hair and is seen crafting a cat-shaped pillow ... made of cat hair.

Even though she's fine with it, many fans on Twitter thought Birdy's love for cats was a bit much.

"Holy cow, the Birdie house is full of cats!" one fan wrote.

Another commented, "Duh Bird is gonna be a cat lady."

The Windmill


The biggest task for the Brown family is getting water running to all the properties on their homestead, which Billy describes as the "lifeblood of the mountain." They devise a plan to use a windmill to pump water from a well and send it down the mountain to their gardens and homes ... but first, they need to find a windmill. Luckily, Billy is able to track one down but the family must dismantle it themselves and transport the fan blades and motor up the mountain.

Bear, who has a history of being extreme, was clearly in his element and took charge of the situation.

"I've never much liked construction, I like destruction," Bear explained.

He added that "I like heights, so I'm trying to take charge as much as possible because up high is kinda my territory."

However, he and Gabe can't appear to agree on a plan ... even when they're high up in the air! Watching from the ground, Birdy gripes that the two brothers need to figure out one plan and "get it done safely."

Luckily, Billy kinda saves the day by showing up with a cherry picker to help lift Gabe and Bear into the air and recover the motor. They didn't get away unscathed though, as Bear suffered a pretty gnarly finger injury in the process of tearing down the windmill.

We'll have to tune in next week and see if the Browns get any closer to their homestead dream!

New episodes of "Alaskan Bush People" premiere Wednesday at 8 PM on Discovery.

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