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Australian Sex Blogger's Advice About Marital Sex Is Driving Instagram Crazy

Gettyimages | Witthaya Prasongsin
By Ben Robinson III

Long gone are the days when people like Dr. Ruth would tantalize and titillate her audiences with deep conversations about sex and the psychology behind it because nowadays sex sells everything from car tires to drain cleaner. Even the advent of social media has seen a rise in people posting sexually suggestive images of themselves all in the name of likes and follows. However, one realm where sexual relations has never been taboo is in the bedroom of married couples.

Enter the next generation of sexual education gurus and most times they're just ordinary people who know all about sexual relationships and intimacy. Once such expert comes in the form of Australian blogger Nadia Bokody, who has been wowing her viewers with YouTube videos that more than make up the definition of NSFW. However, if you're going to make a name for yourself by talking about sex then there's really no time to play around or be coy about it. However Bokody isn't just someone who gets off talking about sex and the science behind it. She's truly dedicated to helping those seeking answers.

Bokody is very candid with her YouTube channel and social media posts, all in an attempt at 100% transparency with her followers. But a recent post has caused plenty of conversation with both her male and female fans. Fox News reports that Bokody decided to turn her attention to the sex lives of married couples, focusing on the reasons why wives sometimes don't seem as sexually charged as their husbands. And it ignited a debate that's been raging on for quite a while.

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“Male desire and female desire work in totally different ways,” Bokody said. “Guys expect their female partners to get turned on in the same way and in the same frequency that they do. “Women get sexually bored a lot faster than men. If sex becomes repetitive, over time that woman will lose interest in having sex with that partner," she said, adding: “Women crave very high amounts of sexual novelty.”

She even offered herself as an example, crediting her partner for complimenting her sexually and intellectually, which is the key to healthy sex life.

Bokody's followers have been blowing up her social media after her latest sex lesson with one commenting "I wish you remain the happiest couple forever. You are the luckiest women to get loving husband." with another stating "for the most part ladies don't communicate in sex.". But one of the strongest comments came when one follower stated: "It's funny how the focus on sexual "performance" tends to be a purely physical one. I'd argue the focus should be a more mental/communicative one - communication, respect, transparency, vulnerability, patience."

What do you think? Is Bokody speaking the truth or is she just blowing smoke?

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