Denise Richards Breaks Her Silence On Charlie Sheen’s Child Support Victory

Charlie Sheen's Parenting Called Into Question During Family Drama

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By TheBlast Staff on October 10, 2021 at 11:09 PM EDT

For years fans of the Two and Half Men series wanted to know what it was like to live with Charlie Sheen. These days, it seems like what people have thought for years has been confirmed. Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards are locked in a legal battle over custody rights, and child support payments for their daughters. Richards was reportedly blindsided by the recent court ruling that allowed her daughter Sammy Sheen to continue living with her father. Now, sources are claiming that there are plenty of good reasons why Sammy loves living with Charlie. They are what you may have expected. 

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Charlie’s House Is Home For The Girls  

Charlie Sheen searched by security at the Billie Eilish concert and removes a clear container containing colored tablets

When Sammy Sheen moved in with her dad she wasn’t necessarily walking into uncharted territory as many stories claimed. She and her sister Lola actually did spend a reasonable amount of time with their dad before she made the move. Both of them go and stay with Charlie when Denise is working. At least that’s what a source told PEOPLE

"She [Richards] would love for the kids, when she has to film, to stay in her nice house, but they go to 'Wonderland' where they can get anything they want," the source also said about Charlie’s house, "everything is a big party"

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What’s The Party Like At Charlie’s? 

Actor Charlie Sheen is seen giving an interview with Billy Bush during NATPE 2012 in Miami Beach

If you expected life at Charlie Sheen’s house to be full of booze, girls, and drugs you may be disappointed. At least according to sources, that’s not what goes on at the house. Especially not when the girls are around. Which is something a judge agrees with. Even though it’s not a frat house Charlie doesn’t seem to set a ton of rules for the girls. The same source claims, 

"There's no homework — it's ice cream and movies and staying up late. There isn't the same structure going on over there. It's a lot more fun than staying at home and finishing school and doing normal activities with your friends."

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Other Sources Defend Charlie’s Parenting Skills

An Intimate Evening with Charlie Sheen At Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

While on one side of the argument Charlie Sheen’s parenting is being seriously put into question, there are other sources that are actually defending Charlie. Going as far as to say that Charlie Sheen is actually a strict father! There have been a lot of things said about Charlie Sheen over the years, that’s potentially the weirdest statement that we’ve ever heard. However, a source on Charlie’s side claims, 

"Charlie is a terrific dad and his daughters adore him. They enjoy being with him. Charlie is a strict father but fair. The girls have rules at Charlie's house, which includes homework and curfew. The girls are polite and smart and funny and a joy to be with." 

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Take It Up With The Judge 

Glow and Darkness press conference in Madrid

Revelations from the courtroom actually portray Sheen as a much different character than his public persona. His lawyer argued that sometime ago it was actually Richards who had asked Sheen to take custody of the girls. After she had a falling out with them. Richards was also reportedly not present at the hearing when the judge ruled that Charlie didn’t have to pay child support anymore. 

Perhaps the most bizarre line of the whole story is that Charlie Sheen was mobbed by paparazzi at a Whole Foods. Times have certainly changed for Sheen, but it’s good to see he’s taking care of himself. When asked about the recent ruling and Richards’ reaction to it Sheen replied,

"[She] should go down to the courthouse and complain to the judge,"

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