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'RHOC:' Things Go South for Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd in Key West

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Natalie Hunter

While the weather was bright and sunny in Key West, Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson did not have much fun in the sun. Kelly and Tamra made up after their fight and hugged it out. Things between Kelly Dodd and the Tres Amigas seemed to be repaired. However, to no one's surprise, the peace didn't last for long.

Drama arose when the ladies broke up into different cars to get to their next destination. Kelly, Emily, Gina and Braunwynn went in one Maserati convertible.

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The Tres Amigas went in a separate convertible donning headscarves in the likes of Thelma and Louise. Other than Kelly urging them to "drive off the cliff" and getting car sick mid-ride, everything was smooth sailing. Then Vicki received an Instagram message from the woman that Kelly got in a bar fight with.

The woman had sent Vicki a picture of her hand that was supposedly injured during the fight. She shared the Instagram message with Tamra and Shannon.


Tamra insisted that Vicki shut it down while simultaneously telling Emily and Gina about the message moments later.

After the ladies were dazzled by a night of drag queen entertainment, they went to a bar for drinks. Gina admitted that she couldn't keep the message a secret and told Tamra, Shannon and Vicki that she was going to tell Kelly. Shannon then intercepted Gina by telling Kelly herself to soften the blow. Unfortunately, it didn't do much to prevent what went down between Kelly and Vicki.


Kelly asked why Vicki was in contact with the bar fight woman and told Vicki it was none of her business. Vicki began defending herself which escalated into a screaming match that ended with Kelly calling Vicki a "con-woman" and Vicki calling Kelly a "slut."

Vicki stormed out of the bar with Tamra and Shannon following behind. Vicki then screamed at the top of her lungs "I am not a con-woman! I was being conned!" at a decibel that she hasn't used since the Brooks drama.


After that night, Vicki wanted to apologize and Kelly wanted to "kill her with kindness." Unfortunately, neither happened. The ladies jumped aboard the Squeaky Tiki the next day. The Tres Amigas split up with Tamra hanging out with Kelly.

After Vicki never got to apologizing, Kelly yelled on the phone calling Vicki a pig.

The ladies then decided they wouldn't spend dinner together. Gina hung out with the Tres Amigas who got drunk and went back to the resort for some night swimming. After being caught by the guards, they tried to run. Vicki unfortunately, slipped on the concrete and was rushed to the hospital.

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