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What Else Could It Be Called?

Amazon will release a documentary this month that profiles one of the most popular holiday songs over the last quarter-century: Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

The documentary is called, fittingly, "Mariah Carey Is Christmas!"

Not Asking For Much, Except a Bona Fide Hit

Giphy | VH1

Producer Randy Jackson kicks off the trailer for "Mariah Carey Is Christmas!" remarking on the low odds that a new Christmas song could have the staying power, year after year, that "All I Want For Christmas Is You" continues to have.

"To come up with an original holiday song that becomes a hit -- next to impossible," Jackson says.


Others chime in on the organic way that "All I Want For Christmas Is You" was created, including Shirley Halperin, music editor at Variety, and backup singer and record producer Trey Lorenz, who's worked with Carey on many songs, including the Jackson 5 cover song "I'll Be There."

First-Person Account

Giphy | Mariah Carey

Carey appears in the documentary as well to talk about her legendary song.

"I just remember where I was coming from.... wanting it to feel like a classic. It was an accomplishment for me that I was really proud of," she says.

A Modern Classic

Giphy | Mariah Carey

The 1994 pop tune swept the world by storm, and even now, the retro/90's hit is a mainstay in holiday playlists.

According to Rolling Stone, on Nov. 1, the song appeared again on their charts, landing at Number 62 in their tally of the "Top 100 Songs."

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