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In New Interview Tom Brady Reveals Why His Wife and Mother Want Him To Retire.

Gettyimages | Maddie Meyer
By Ben Robinson III

For many sports fans, especially those who have been following the epic run of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady is a sports legend. He's gone to nine Super Bowls, winning six, making him the only player in NFL history to accomplish such a feat. And he's also accomplished outside of the game as well being married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, supermodel Gisele Bundchen. However, at the age of forty-two people are beginning to wonder if he's about to retire or nah?

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Most people who recognize Brady as a fierce competitor on the football field will also know that he is a dedicated family man who is very close to his parents and sisters. He's also a devoted husband and father of three children. But aside from that, Brady and his wife are both very successful with their individual careers and have the bank accounts to prove it. As Showbiz Cheatsheet reports the Bradys will never have to worry about running out of money anytime soon.

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As the 15th-highest paid athlete in the world, Brady made $44 million in 2016 between endorsements and salary. That’s just chump change though, compared to how much his wife rakes in. Celebrity Net Worth noted that Brady’s total net worth is approximately $180 million, but the Brazilian supermodel’s is actually around $360 million. That means their combined net worth is a whopping $540 million!

That's a lot of money, and clearly enough of a nest egg to have just in case they need it later on down the line. So why won't Brady retire already?

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Pop Culture reports that during a segment on E!'s In The Room Brady discusses his retirement plans and most won't really be shocked by his answer since he's such a regimented athlete.

I think that has been a unique situation that I have been in because I think when you commit to a team for a certain amount of years, you kinda feel like (there is) the responsibility to always fulfill the contract. For me, it's been good because I am just taking it day by day and I am enjoying what I have. I don't know what the future holds and the great part is for me, football at this point is all borrowed time.

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"I never expected to play 20 years and I am playing on a great team and it's just been an incredible 20 years of my life."

And as far as his wife Gisele and mother Galynn are concerned Brady admits that his age and well being play a part in what their wishes are for his next career move.

"Mom would prefer at some point for me to retire just like my wife would because she doesn't want to see me get hit either," Brady said.

Whatever he plans on doing Brady is definitely a living legend of the game. And he's got his eye on the prize for a seventh Super Bowl ring this season.

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