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Rami Malek

Before the First Trailer, Meet the Cast of the new James Bond Movie

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Joe Allen

The first trailer for "No Time to Die," the 25th film in the James Bond series, is set to debut Wednesday. Ahead of that premiere, the James Bond Twitter account has released new character posters that feature the film's cast.

These images not only give us a reminder as to who's in the film, but they also feature some truly fabulous ensembles. The first set features Daniel Craig, who may be done with Bond after this film, along with Léa Seydoux’s Madeleine Swann.


Bond's sweater suggests a certain casual approach to his job. Usually, we expect to find the world-famous spy in a trim, well-tailored three-piece suit. Instead, he looks ready for a cozy night in. For Seydoux's part, she really knows how to rock a gown.

The next set of images is of Rami Malek, who will be playing the film's villain Safin, who appears to be wearing a trenchcoat, a clear sign of villainy. His hair is also heavily styled, which as we all know, suggests he's scheming.

Lashana Lynch
Gettyimages | Roy Rochlin

The Oscar-winning actor is coupled with another Bond newcomer, this one played by Lashana Lynch. Lynch is set to play Nomi in the film, and of all of the character posters, she's the one who looks the most like she's getting ready to kill someone. That's in large part thanks to the gun she's holding in her poster.

The final set of posters features Ben Whishaw's Q and Ana De Aramas's Poloma, who appears to be holding two guns in her poster


Ben Whishaw knows how to play nerdy exceptionally well, even in a still photograph. The way his shirt is tucked is just so...geeky, and when it's coupled with his glasses adjustment, it becomes even better.

De Armas is another newcomer to the world of Bond, and like Lynch, her character seems ready and willing to kill some people. Like Seydoux, though, she's also wearing a ballgown. She may have to look glamorous while she straight up murders a few people, but we'll have to wait to find out.

Ana De Armas
Gettyimages | Roy Rochlin

De Armas comes to the world of Bond hot off her work in Rian Johnson's "Knives Out," which is currently doing quite well at the box office. Her star seems to be rising, which is great because she's great.

Lashana Lynch is another star that Bond seems to have caught at exactly the right moment. The English actress recently starred in "Captain Marvel." "No Time to Die" will be directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, and it's set to be released on April 2.

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