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Ariel Winter Is Tattooed & Septum Pierced In New Reveal & Instagram Need Answers

Gettyimages | Gabe Ginsberg
By Rebecca Cukier

Ariel Winter's eye-catching new look hasn't gotten past her Instagram followers. The Modern Family star stunned her fans in a bold reveal to kick off the month of December, with the 21-year-old's snaps showing new ink, new piercings, and new hair.

It isn't an Ariel update without the cute factor, though. The sitcom star had delivered a major #aww injection by virtue of her posing with a bulldog puppy, although fans leaving questions were proving more centered around the look than the pup.

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"This Pup Is A MOOD"

Gettyimages | Larry Busacca

Ariel steered fully clear of explaining herself. The star didn't let on whether her dyed red hair, septum piercing, and heavy arm ink were for a new role or for herself, focusing instead on mentioning the weekend, the weather, and her adorable canine friend.

Instagram needs answers.

“When did she get her septum pierced?” one fan asked the star.

"Nice tattoo!! What's the meaning behind it?" another queried.

"What's the tattoo on your arm? @arielwinter" seemed to see another fan follow suit.

Ariel does not appear to have replied to fan comments.

Red's Kind Of Her Thing, Right?


Ariel's red locks have long been her trademark. That said, recent years have seen the actress switch away from her signature look in favor of raven-colored looks.

Fans did get a return to the well-known finish back in May, though. The dyed look was, however, quickly confirmed as being for Ariel's appearance in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

As to Winter's most recent post, well, it definitely got noticed. The star's snaps had racked up over 86,000 likes within two days of going live.

"You got 18k likes in less than an hour wtf," one fan noted.

'Felt Like A Different Person' After Dyeing Her Hair Red

Gettyimages | Presley Ann

Ariel has opened up on her own reactions following those hair experiments. Speaking to Allure in July, the star revealed her shock after dyeing her locks red.

"I’ve never dyed my hair platinum-white yet. Dyeing it this color was something I was really excited to do," Ariel stated.

"At first, I was nervous. But the day after I dyed it, I felt like a different person. I walked past my bathroom mirror and was like, ‘Oh my god! Who’s in my bathroom?’ And it was literally me. But I love it. It’s my favorite style I’ve done so far," the actress concluded.

Like, All The Stuff She Does To Keep It Looking So Good

Giphy | Team Coco

If you're eyeing up Ariel's glossy locks as the green-eyed monster that you are, we don't blame you. FYI, Ariel has dished on what she does to keep her hair looking so good- gorgeous and helpful.

"I put a lot of conditioner on it. I am serious about conditioner. I also started putting argan and coconut oil on the ends of my hair. I put it on almost every night. I braid my hair and I go to sleep like that. It helps keep it healthy for all the styles I want to try," Ariel told Allure.

And If You're Wondering Why She's Blonde There

Ariel as a blonde is definitely the rarest look from the actress. That said, it isn't a non-existent one. Ariel went full bombshell with a throwback over Halloween 2019 as she documented her holiday look from last year.

Yes, it's Pamela Anderson. Ariel's 2018 Halloween look was a double getup with then-boyfriend Levi Meaden going as Tommy Lee, although fan responses to Ariel's post did seem to see users thinking she looked more like Britney Spears.

The best way to keep track of Ariel is via her Instagram. Presumably, the next update will help confirm whether or not Winter's new look is a permanent one.

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