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Tamar Braxton & Family Returning To TV, But It's Not What You Think

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By Kay on October 7, 2021 at 6:30 PM EDT

Tamar Braxton’s last stint on reality TV must not have been “toxic” enough because she is considering a return to television screens and possibly bringing her family along with her again. TMZ caught the singer at LAX and got some of the details about the possibility of a new show.

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Braxton Family Values 2.0

//Braxton sisters

When asked what was up with the rumors that her family’s show Braxton Family Values was coming back, the singer played coy but let a few key details slip. “Recently you said, ‘hey what if I was to tell you Braxton Family Values was coming back?’” pushed the cameraman.

“What if,” laughed Braxton walking away. He prompted her once again, “And then you said, ‘but not on a foolish network’”. Braxton took the opportunity to clear up a few inconsistencies about her alleged “war” with a particular TV network.

“Here’s the thing, everyone thinks I declared war against a network,” said Braxton referring to the family’s last few years with WEtv and the “Love and War” singer. She had a breakdown and felt like the network was exploiting her in a sense.

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‘The Right Way’

//tamar braxton and toni

She casually says the war is “sort of, but not is” happening but more importantly the “truth is” she is vying for her “family to be depicted in the right way”. She went on to say that as the show creator a responsibility like that falls on her.

“I want to have full control of a show, especially as a family.” the cameraman then asks the reality star if possible, “what would you do differently?” Braxton maintains that this is what she would do differently and also threw in  totally unexpected twist.

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Plot Twist

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“No, not getting into my life,” blurted out Braxton when prompted about the specifics of the return to TV. Naturally, the next question would be, why in the world would we watch? The cameraman asks, “hypothetically, how would you do a show that doesn’t get into personal stuff? Do you think you can make it entertaining?”

“Definitely doing TV again, but I’m definitely not doing that again.” The “that” being reality TV. “not reality... like docuseries,” she shares. “It’s a different way to tell a story,” she insists. Braxton took the opportunity to throw out a small dig, possibly at the network. “Some people can’t help themselves.”

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Bad Experience

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Braxton’s breakdown was still aired on TV by WEtv even though it involved a suicide attempt and the family pleaded with the network to not hatch open old wounds that could send the singer down a spiral again. Obviously, that did not make a difference for the network that went ahead and aired the season anyway.

The singer eventually shared that her time at the network was “toxic” and made her want to attempt to end her life. Before letting her go the cameraman asked a valuable question, is this docuseries coming soon?

Braxton shared that there is currently a bit of a battle of the networks over who gets the rights to film the lives of Braxton and her rating-grabbing sisters. Saved by the traffic light, Braxton couldn’t get away fast away, she practically ran across the street.

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