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Brad Pitt Reveals The Step He Took After Split From Angelina Jolie And It Is Shocking

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were one of the hottest couples of the century until they shocked the world with a divorce news three years ago. After the divorce was finalized, both parties came up with several vague reasons why they could not make their marriage work, hence the battle for children custody. For three years now, the couple have often lashed out at each other or called each other out on and off social media, and this made fans very concerned for the kids.

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Speaking to Anthony Hopkins for Interview Magazine, Pitt disclosed the condition he was in when he and Jolie got divorced. The 55-year-old actor mentioned that he took to alcohol addiction to try to escape from the problems he was facing with his ex-wife, but that was not the best decision for him. Pitt acknowledged that he had made many mistakes, and the fact that he tried to run from his problems, made things more difficult for him. He also talked about the importance of forgiveness.

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Pitt and Hopkins worked as co-actors on "Meet Joe Black" and "Legends Of The Fall," and this is how they became close to one another. During the interview, Pitt mentioned that he had come to know that he was living in a world where people only loved being judgmental and this made victims see themselves as disposable. He also added that people were fond of dwelling on the past mistakes of others, that they fail to see the good in them.

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However, in his knowledge, Pitt says that it is the actions taken after these mistakes that should define a person and not the mistakes.

Moving on, Pitt also mentioned that people in general do not tend to stick around long enough to see what a person's next step will be, as they just believe that nothing good can come from such an individual. This is the most shocking experience that the actor has had to go through, and to an extent it broke him.

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Finally, Pitt talked about the essence of forgiveness and being around good friends to help anyone through a difficult situation. One of the good friends he shared his thoughts with, was 90-year-old architect, Frank Gehry. He praised the architect for his creativity, and mentioned that the only way for anyone to have meaning and purpose in their lives, is to stay creative and be around loved ones.

Coming out this way to share his darkest secrets with the world and his dear friend, Hopkins, Brad Pitt has shown without a doubt that he is willing to learn every day and make the best choices for the sake of his family.

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