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Fan Theory: Could 'Frozen' Exist within the Marvel Universe?

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By Laura Kelly

Audiences greatly anticipated the release of 'Frozen 2' as we were promised that this movie would reveal more about the origin of Elsa's powers. While the first 'Frozen' movie was a smash hit, fans still puzzled over how Elsa came by her ice powers. Since she was born with them, people started joking that Elsa must be a mutant. Just like the X-Men! But since the release of 'Frozen 2,' there is speculation as to whether there really is more of a connection between 'Frozen' and the MCU.

Elsa Has Always Been Compared to the X-Men


People have been comparing Elsa to the mutants of the X-Men ever since the first movie came out. It makes sense, of course. Like X-Men (which has been picked up by the MCU), she was born with her powers, struggled to control them when she was young, and then was forced to suppress her abilities for years due to the fear and potential destruction they caused. Unlike the X-Men, though, there was no Professor X to learn from and no one else to turn to for help. Because for a while, as far as anyone could tell, Elsa was the only one of her kind.

Elsa Would Probably Be an Omega Level Mutant

Giphy | Walt Disney Studios

Elsa's ice powers are astonishingly strong. When she loses control of her powers during her coronation in the first movie, she freezes her entire kingdom. It went from summer to winter within minutes. Elsa clearly has an incredible range, not to mention she could really ruin the climate and ecosystem of any neighboring enemy kingdom if she wanted to. Also, not only can Elsa create ice and frigid temperatures at will, she can create life with those water molecules (i.e., Olaf and the snow monsters).

Try and beat that, Bobby Drake (a.k.a., Iceman).

Elsa Could Be an Early Mutant


A current fan theory that's risen with the release of 'Frozen 2' is that Elsa could be an example of an early mutant. Marvel Comics has some new Excalibur comics out that discuss the early mutants who were considered "magical" or "witchbreeds,"not unlike Elsa herself.

Elsa's powers as of 'Frozen 2' appear to have been born from elemental nature spirits. Mutant powers had to originate from somewhere, so it could make sense that these genes literally come from nature itself.

But We're Probably Not Going to get a Crossover

Giphy | Walt Disney Animation Studios

Elsa being an early mutant and the 'Frozen' universe being connected to the MCU are certainly fun fan theories to speculate on. It's also easy to do so given that both properties are owned by Disney. But it's unlikely that either theory is accurate or was ever intentional. As far as we can tell, Disney is keeping its superhero universe pretty separate from the worlds of their princesses. But we can always dream, and that's what fanfiction is always there for.

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